RIMMEL nail polish in 280 SUNSHINE is what we are going to talk about today. I was super happy with the bright sunshine last week in the UK and decided to put on the RIMMEL's bright yellow color on my nails.

As the picture shows, the color looked amazing... almost what I wanted.

Packaging: Its a simple no frills drugstore nail polish. These days drugstore nail polishes having those flat brushes that make it inconvenient to reach the corners. This one does NOT have a brush like that... me very glad. The bottle was smaller compared to RIMMEL pro and hence less product which is good given that its not often one uses a shade like yellow and a big bottle would only mean more wastage.

Product: As with most light colors the product was sheer and took 3 coats to get the intensity of color I wanted. The polish was not too thick or thin in consistency and did not apply uniformly. With a top coat it did last a good 5 days before starting to chip.

I never thought one coat would suffice and as expected the first coat was light and sheer. The second coat did not really fix it coz it added nail polish in a uneven way. So it took a third coat to actually set everything. On top of it, I have also used a top coat to prevent chipping in 2. So all in all 4 coats did look a little packed up on my nail.

- Great color
- Good price
- Decent packaging and brush

- Took multiple coats to get the color.

Conclusion: This is not the best nail polish you could get from drugstore. But not many brands hold this yellow color. So its a good call given the price and the amount of usage.

I am thinking what do I wear on my nails next... Please suggest!! :)