Benefit Porefessional Fake !!!!

 Most people with oily and break-out prone skin are bound to have pores on their cheeks... Its a choice whether to address them with makeup or not... All the while I chose to ignore them but when I am looking at incorporating a primer into my makeup routine, thought I will address this 'pores' first.... So few months ago got the market leader and much talked about Benefit Porefessional... being a high-end and expensive product I thought I would try a sample first and bought mine from ebay. I wasn't particularly impressed with this primer after using it and din't really use it more than couple of times as it dint do much to my pores.... maybe because it was fake it dint do its job...

Today as some of you might already know,  Glamour magazine is giving Benefit sample size freebies... So I picked the copy with Benefit Porefessional. I come home and realize what I had all the while was a fake... CLEARLY...

The packaging of the fake one is old as you see the original Benefit Porefessional has a lady holding handbag on it. The size of the tube is also different... the fake one is lightly taller. Sorry about the orientation of the picture, I tried multiple ways but it just wouldnt upload right :(

The Benefit logo is the catch... The fake one has a non-emphatic 'f' in the word Benefit while the original Porefessional has a bold italic 'f'. Also the 'i' in the fake one is clear while the original Benefit logo has no dot in the letter 'i'.

Ofcourse if you really get to the product it is way too different. The original porefessional is light pink in color and blends completely into the skin. while the fake one is a little darker .. the consistency of the original one is more watery.. it is lotion like and blends beautifully. (cant emphasize enough on that!) while the fake poressional is of a cream or concealer kind of consistency and does not blend well.... its more like a pigmeneted cream and you will still be able to see the streak of color as you blend it... and trust me it does nothing to the pores...

I am glad I purchased the fake one as I could write this post to help others from doing the mistake. So I hope this helps you people from distinguishing the fake Benefit porefessional to the original one... !! Did anyone else get a fake like me?

Sanctuary Spa's 5 Minute Thermal Detox Mask

Sanctuary Spa's 5 Minute Thermal Detox Mask was part of my haul... for that matter last few hauls I believe... it is my latest discovery and I am loooooving it.

Oflate I am a lot into skin care... Now I use face masks twice a week. Once it is a trusted clay mask and then any other face mask - moisturising, nourshing or simply clay - based on how my skin is feeling mid-week. So one of the mid-week masks is Sancturay 5 minute thermal detox mask.

Packaging: I end up purchasing multiple sachets than the tube because this mask has quite a thick consistensy and its a little difficult sometimes to get it out of the tube. I think a tub packaging would have been better.

Sanctuary thermal detox mask swatched on my hand and yes... I am flaunting white nail polish on my nails... :) :)

Product: This is the first time I am using a thermal mask. I had a general feeling that thermal masks were for anti-ageing. But the Sanctuary charcoal thermal mask is for deep cleanse - detox.

Sanctuary Spa claims: "The warmth of this self-heating mask helps to open up the pores so the charcoal and kaolin clay can help draw out the impurities from deep within he skin. As well as purifying, the mask also rebalances the skin's oil levels to clarify, cleanse and leave skin with a silky touch, essential oil of myrrh helps soothe and calm."

and almost everything said above is true.... the mask when on skin does not tingle or burn or anything of that sort but as I wash off to discover a clearer looking skin... it feels amazing. Also generally deep cleansing clay masks leave a bit of dry feeling but this one leaves skin re-balanced and calm...

The moment you put on you realise it is HOT and not warm mind you.. HOT (ofcourse not unbearably) so be prepared for this. Eventually it cools down in a minute. When you have those raw break outs this might be an issue. I have used it as a '5 minute mask' as well as for 15 minutes like with most masks. It did not make any difference. Two key differences between other deep cleanse clay masks and this one - it doesn't dry out completely to a hard layer on skin even after 20 minutes... it remains in the thick cream form with a change in color and it does not really prevent my skin from becoming oily the day I use it like other clay masks do.

On the whole it is a great mask... does not do overnight miracles but is refreshing, calming and deep cleansing... for oily/combination skin... it clears blemishes and tightens pores and hence deserves a fair chance :) :) try it

"You have a great blog" Award

Hurray...!!! I am uber happy sharing with you people that Demi - nominated me for the 'Your blog is great award'. She indeed has a great blog. Do visit her...

Being my first blog award I am super excited.... and I am passing this on to :



GlossyBox May 2012 *** SPOILER ALERT ****

I have just finished my April Glossy box products and was wondering about May glossy box supposedly special being their first anniversary box.... and I got it... May 2012 Glossybox UK ... so here you go....

The packaging is like the usual one with ANNIVERSARY BOX stamped on the ribbon wrapped around and these were the products inside....

L to R: NOBLE ISLE shower gel, LOLITA LEMPICKA perfume samples, APIVITA Express Beauty Masks, OSMO Berber Oil Hair Treatment, ELDORA Flase Eyelashes

Now a more close look at each of them -

NOBLE ISLE Summer Rising Bath & shower gel: The description states that their brand is inspired by natural & cultural riches of British isles... Indeed the fragrance of this one is rich floral scent... first impression: Gooooood!

UPDATE: tried this shower gel.. definitely good althought nothing extra-ordinary.

 LOLITA LEMPICKA perfume samples: Out of the two perfume samples, the fragrance "Si Lolita" was stronger but still pleasant as it settled and the other perfume was their EDP which was powdery and mild.. I liked the second one more.

UPDATE: The sniffing was all that I could get from these... I dint realise at first, they have very little perfume in them. :(

 APIVITA Express Beauty Masks: These express beauty masks are moisturizing and nourishing masks with HONEY. The description also mentions they are infused with green tea and have anti oxdidant properties. Curious to try this one.

UPDATE: The curious lady tried it and love love love them... they are really nourishing and moisturising and not not greasy at all... Anybody who received these masks go on and tried it... they are wonderful!!

OSMO Berber Oil hair treatment: Basically I have greasy hair and I get a hair oil... but then this one claims to give transformational results for any hair type. Lets see.

Eldora false eyelashes: They are beautiful handmade lashes. Out of the various styles they have, this one looks more of full-on party type....

Now comes the birthday gifts -
A pink ballon saying "Happy Brithday Glossy Box" and a travel compact mirror with glossybox emblem on it as seen in the pic :) :) :)... I am just being too ridiculous... actually everything in the box is a gift for us :)

Haul Time: May 2012

Hello all.... Been long time since I posted about my shopping.... I did keep buying a lot of stuff but just the usual ones mostly.... I decided to post the exciting/new ones.....
L to R: Styfile nail emergency file, Boots Botanic Cleansing Face Wipes, SANCTUARY Brightening Facial Radiance Exfolitor, NYC Glamour Eye lashes, Barry M Eyeshadow pencil, Boots tea tree and witch hazel peel off face mask, Sanctuary 5 minute thermal detox mask, RIMMEL 60 seconds nail polish, Sally Hansen Nail lacquer 

Styfile nail emergency file: Nice and Handy. The nail file is really useful on-the-go at the same time is very stylish. I am sure it will be everybodys hands in no time so wanted to be one of them :):)

Boots Botanic Cleansing Face Wipes: I have been seeing this new packs last few days. So wanted to give it a try. Boots Organics as a line has never disappointed me so harmless purchase.

SANCTUARY Brightening Facial Radiance Exfolitor: I wanted to buy the facial kit of the Sanctuary brightening line, couldn't find it so picked this up as a starter.

 NYC Glamour Eye lashes in 974 Black: These lashes are pretty interesting in shape. they are ascending towards the outer corner. I am definitely not good with lashes. Have used couple of eyelure ones till now. My first attempt at inexpensive lashes is the NYC glamour lashes.

Barry M Eyeshadow pencil EP1 Gold Cream: These Barry M eyeshadow pencils were in the new section on the Barry M stand. So picked it in whitish shade called EP1 Gold Cream... Hopefully this will be NYX jumbo pencil in milk's indigenous version.

Boots tea tree and witch hazel peel off face mask: Repurchase. If you have read my other posts, you know my love for tea tree already ;)

Sanctuary Deep Cleanse 5 minute thermal detox mask: Again a re-purchase. Infact I stock up on these sachets. I somehow prefer the sample version to tube version in any products. I feel it retains the freshness better.... just a feeling ofcourse. I will do a full review on this mask soon.

RIMMEL 60 seconds nail polish in 850 AYE AYE SAILOR: The speciality of this RIMMEL nail polish in 850 AYE AYE SAILOR is the shade.. I have been searching to buy a no-glittery navy blue shade... almost all the drusgtore lines from 2true to Maybelline have it but in glitter... Finally I found it in RIMMEL 60 seconds nail polish...

Sally Hansen Nail lacquer in 240 Raisin the bar: I am drawn to brown... if not bronze... so got this one from the local store for 2.99... Any number of bronze/brown shades are not enough for me :)

L to R: Soap and Glory Fab Pore hot cloth cleanser, the greatest scrub of all, the fab pore facial peel

I have never used any of the above Soap and Glory products... have been reading reviews. so thought will spend my share of money on them :D.....

Soap and Glory Fab Pore hot cloth cleanser: I am on search of a Liz Earle hot cloth cleanser dupe for oily skin coz liz earle makes me little greasy. Lets try this one

Soap and Glory the greatest scrub of all facial exfoliator: Lately I am in love with my dermalogica skin prep scrub. along with the other 2 from the range I thought it makes sense to pick up the scrub as well.

Soap and Glory THE Fab PORE facial peel: I have read some good reviews about it so wanted to try. I really have high hopes on the facial peel though...

As always the best is in the last... I treated myself to some Loccitane.... L'occitane ULTRA RICH EYE BALM, L'occitane BRIGHTENING CLEANSING FOAM.... I have no idea why I bought these now. I am using dermalogica in the morning and the body shop tea tree in my night routine, so cant fit the Loccitane ones anywhere at the moment... Anyways will use them next month probably...

So that was the best-of-my-recent-hauls for you.... I really enjoy the vicarious pleasure from other people's hauls... Do you ever do that?

Glossybox April 2012

Last time I have been very prompt in being a cry baby that my March 2012 glossybox was a disaster…. Glossybox April 2012 was definitely one of the good glossyboxes…. So I wanted to use each of them and tell my verdict….

Figs and Rouge balm in Peppermint & Teatree: This is a 100% organic balm that can be used on lips, face & body. I tried it on lips. The balm feels and looks grainy like a mild scrub for the first impressions…  so was expecting a little exfoliation but dint happen so. The balm melts to become a salve the moment it touches the lips and then it’s just another balm. I am a fan of the cooling effect of mint/tea tree, so defo love the flavor of this one. This one did not really repair my dry lips but is more of an instant gratification.

MONU Spa Enriched Body Cream: I really did not know what to expect from this. It was strong smelling… citrusy (which I couldn’t stand), very thick and sufficiently moisturizing. I am not sure if I would want to carry it in my bag (that’s been my plan) given the overpowering fragrance. The packaging was bad given that the cream is very thick they should have chosen a pot and not a bottle… In this sample size almost 1/3 of the cream is still in there… as you see in the pic the cream refuses to come out of the bottle…. "I am a cream in the bottle baby… gotta press me in the right way, honey..."

INIKA Organic eyeliner: I got a beautiful emerald green liner in this one. It is not glittery but shimmery/metallic… so perfect for traditional do’s as well as party nights. This is one product I am really happy with.. being organic somehow makes the whole feel better especially while putting on water line…

PHILIP B Drop Dead Straightening Baume: I have straight hair naturally…. So my use of hair products is to keep hair pin straight and for longer time… With greasy hair it does not matter which hair product I use I will have to wash it next. This product did not give me pin-straight hair per se but definitely straighter and smoother hair, maybe girls with coarse hair will see better benefits. It did not do any different than most hair gels coming to hold. BUT the biggest difference between this and other hair products is: it is silicone free and paraben-free.  It is a silicone-y looking silicon-free gel…. so thumbs up!

CAUDALIE VINOSOURCE SOS Thirst Quenching Serum: Honestly I am not big on serums and I don’t have that thirsty skin to judge a serum like this…. Caudalie as a brand is well talked-about so I thought I might as well give it a try. It is quick absorbed and doesn’t feel sticky…. Like for instance Loreal youth code did feel sticky on me. My usage is too little to judge its affect.. I better wait for the winters to test this one. There is too little in the tube to waste in experimentation although the tube looks big enough.

Ah I love beauty boxes and the whole idea of sample sizes. I kind of get bored with those 400 ml sizes that never seem to get over… when I host a giveaway I think it will be a beauty box kind of thing…. What say? How do you people like beauty boxes?

The Body Shop Vitamin E nourishing night cream: Review

The Vitamin E nourishing night cream is the latest product I chose to review. I was organising my beauty stash and found this. I have used it during last winter....

I did not use a night cream as part of my skin routine for a long time as I would wake up looking like oil slick next morning with most night creams... Finding a night cream for my oily skin was challenging. But last december I found an answer... The Body Shop Vitamin E nourishing night cream. Although vitamin E range is generally indicated for dry skin in most brands, the body shop vitamin E nourishing night cream is indicated for all skin types.
The packaging is simple and convinient tub. It is a thick cream and applies a little bit greasy. The cream has a smell - pleasant, not mild though. It is absorbed quickly into the skin and I always wake up to soft, supple skin. One word of caution - apply just little and wipe off any extra.
Overall it is a simple night moisturizer and the best thing about this cream is that it did not break me out...
Have you tried this? What do you think? What's your favourite night cream?

Collection 2000 gems....gel eyeliner, powder, cream puff

Collection 2000 has always been one of the best brands from the drugstore... So I picked up few of their products... Collection 2000 lasting colour gel eyeliner being their latest product...

In the pic: Collection 2000 lasting colour gel eyeliner in brown, Collection 2000 shine away compact powder in deep, Collection 2000 cream puff lip cream in Angel Delight

The first product I talk about is Collection 2000 cream puff in Angel Delight. Although Collection 2000 cream puffs have been around for quite some time I never bought one. It comes in only 4 shades - Fairy Cake, Cotton Candy, Powder Puff, Angel Delight and costs a super price of £2.99.

Next up is the collection 2000 shine away compact powder in deep. The compact powder comes in 3 shades - Light, Medium, Deep and is priced at  £4.19. Most drustore compact powders are in lighter shades... have tried from RIMMEL to Maybelline. Ofcourse Revlon makes compact powders in dark shades glad to see that Collection 2000 also has a dark shade. Pic showing the cute packaging, the shade on the backside of the pot, the powder....

Saving the best for the last, Collection 2000 lasting colour gel eye liner in brown - their newest product. It comes in 4 colours - Black, Brown, Gold and Teal and retails at £4.99. As I am already in love with my Maybelline gel liner in black, I took this one in brown. The packaging looks very similar to the sleek ink pot. It comes with a small applicator brush.  

The liner is creamy, easy to apply, dries off quickly and being from Collection 2000 it keeps up its promise of lasting color... a closeup at the swatch..

Other products that are super hit with me - Collection 2000 lasting perfection concealer, Collection 2000 Fast Stroke liquid eyeliner, Collection 2000 Extreme Felt Tip Liner.

What do you think of the collection 2000 lasting colour gel eyeliner?

Lush Fresh Face Mask and Clipper Tea workshop

All of us love lush products for many reasons…. They are natural… they smell divine… the service is good…The SA are helpful and explain things well... at the very least their products never backfire (or I have never heard of one)… J J J
Being the Lush-y I am how could I miss the opportunity of a workshop… grabbed my clipper green tea bag and got the pink tag. I have attended the Clipper workshop in mid-April at Oxford. The staff is super enthued and uber comforting. My workshop was with this gentleman James… He was really very helpful… The workshop is to prepare the catastrophe cosmetic fresh face mask by ourselves…  
My catastrophe mask looks different in color than the usual one.... Are you wondering why? When we started the workshop, he has discussed about my skin type and allergies… and I was allergic to citrus, so he has actually had me skip the ‘lemony’ component in my mask... and I ended up with a personalized catastrophe cosmetic face mask….  <3
Lush had me have an entire facial treatment as well… First my skin was cleansed with “Ultrabland”   - A gentle cleansing cream for all skin types made with the white part of the almonds. It was ofcourse gentle but really greasy….  I have oily skin already, this was cleaned with cotton pads spritzed with “Breath of fresh air” toner (which I anyways love already)
Then used the “full of grace”  serum bar on me. This one’s very interesting... its main ingredient is murumuru butter and can be used to: "moisturise your skin daily, to give yourself a facial massage and is perfect as a night cream. Also great for use before face masks" as quoted on lush website... Then followed with my catastrophe mask… J Finally after washing the mask, finished with application of “vanishing cream” - proven moisturizer for oily skin.

Catastrophe cosmetic face mask is supposedly wonderful…. I wouldn’t disagree, it does what its meant to do… I actually used it after a catastrophe - my skin developed reddish irritation and bumps after using microfoliant.. and this mask has actually calmed the redness and made it look better as an immediate effect. So I am super impressed with this mask… and will use it more..
I have also used their “Cosmetic Warrior” fresh face mask previously. This is the go-to mask for oily skin of any age… I can bet on that… It doesn’t rip-off the oils as you might think… infact “Dark Angels” cleanser kind of leaves that feeling. But this mask is really deep cleansing and nurturing. It does not irritate even when you are having the worst breakouts…. So if you are having the problematic spot prone oily skin… go for it. People find it difficult to put-up with the smell… I had no particular objection though as I am quite used to tea tree smell…  And my mantra for such instances is remind yourself of the end result… or think of those Hollywood stars having pigeon poo on their faces .. LOL… aren’t we in a far better situation? J J J
Ok why am I writing this post now? Because I just realized the biggest negative with these lush masks…. Their expiry in 3 weeks… I had to throw away my catastrophe mask as it was prepared in mid april and its almost a month… L… I hate wastage.
 Can we do something about it? How do you guys manage your lush face masks from disposing without using? Please do let me know...
** pictures in this post from lush website as my mask is already disposed :(:(:(

NOTD blue glitter and Magazine Freebies

Hello sweeties...

Hope you all had a great weekend... I have shopped to my heart content, will post details tomorrow. Part of the beauty shopping was magazines... yes... there were freebies with so many magazines afterall ...

From L to R: L'occitane Angelica Cleansing Gel with glamour magazine (exclusively in WH Smith)
L'occitane Angelica Hydration Cream with glamour magazine (exclusively in WH Smith)
The Body Shop Cheek and Lip Stain in 02 Bronze Glimmer with Marie Claire magazine
Mirror Mirror Lash Boost Mascara  with Shout magazine

Also today's NOTD is blue glitter nails....

The equipment: Boots 17 top coat, Miss Sporty Transformers Sparkle Touch,  Barry M in Cyan Blue, Boots 17 Base Coat

Green Glitter EOTD

I was hesitant to do 'look-of-the-day' posts all the while as I dont have the beautiful eyes... but I have given up worrying now as I want to atleast share my attempts with you people and may be it will be helpful to some of you who want to try the look..... In the end it will atleast be better than face charts.. isnt it?

So today my look is with green glitter... I wanted to do a shimmery gold base with glittery green eye liner for the eyes and juicy red lips.... letting you know target so you can judge it yourself if I reached there.. :D :D

I realize it is very difficult to capture in the pictures but the left bottom one kinda shows the gold and green on my eye... Being a daytime look, I did not want to use the gold eyeshadow. I have used these in the pic below:

Top to Bottom: 
MIRROR MIRROR LASH BOOST MASCARA ( this was free with this month's Shout magazine)
Collection 2000 Glam Crystals eye liner in 12 SPANDEX
Sleek eau la la liner in Noir
Maybelline dream mousse eye color in 02 Blissful Beige
Miss sporty Oh TAN So Fine Bronzer in Sun Kissed

and for the lips...

Natural Collection lip liner in plum
Sally hansen Ultra Soothing Lip Tint


1) Apply maybelline mousse eye color as shimmery base. I did not use primer as I already have concealer on my lids.
2) Apply the gold shade of miss sporty bronzer all over the lid
3) Apply the bronze shade of miss sporty bronzer in the crease, blending it towards the brow bone.
4) As I have hooded eyes I did not use a separate highlighter, the maybelline mousse eye  color is all I have in my highlight area
5) Use the sleek eyeliner in black on waterline and upper lash line
6) Just above the black line almost overlapping it, draw the glitter line with collection 2000 glam cystals liner. I did not go thicker as then it would cover the entire visible lid area.
7) finish with applying the bronze shade of the bronzer on the lower lash line

and yeah BTW I  wore it with this dress....

Hope you liked it... Let me know what you feel in the comments....

Cosmopolitan Blend perfection

I have always disliked using sponge wedges due to the absorption of the product by the sponge… and after use, washing is really not an option… sponges were always use-and-throw…  But the beauty blender gave a new definition…. And their usage by MUAs as famous Mario to youtube gurus… I thought I should give my fair try… and its been on my wishlist since then…
Given my liking for sponges spending 15 pounds on a sponge dint feel pleasant…  The thought of as expensive as Urban Decay Primer Potion but unsure of the utility irked me…  Also I usually use a brush to apply my foundation and then buff it thoroughly…
Anyways I am managed to try cosmopolitan blend perfection sponge as a first hand experience… before the original beauty blender. I saw it hanging in the superdrug stores numerous times but when I decided to buy it superdrug stopped stocking it… (atleast that’s what the SA told me)..  finally got it from amazon.

When I first touched it I was astonished to see that it feels harder… atleast than the usual sponge wedge. I put it under running water and it expanded due to the suction of water and softened… The pic does is not an absolute representation but should give a rough idea of how it changes....
I have used it with liquid foundation –REVLON photo ready foundation in 008 Golden beige. I get quite a bit greasy with this foundation even after setting powder so wanted to try if the blending will make a difference. The wet sponge application definitely sets the foundation well, dint really impact the greasiness part of it. People with dry skin who cannot use buffing brush for foundation due to the micro exfoliation effect should try using this sponge instead.
Cosmopolitan Blend Perfection sponge did not really suck the product (foundation)... maybe because I dint use it for application of the product, I used it just for blending in dab-dab-dab motion after putting foundation with fingers. My complaint with sponges continues… washing is a pain. I spent almost 10 minutes in bathroom washing it with my brush cleaning liquid followed by baby shampoo. Infact I did it immediately after my makeup; I was scared if I left it for the night the little product on it would dry out and this sponge also would become throw-able….
I will not call this post a full review as I still see the scope of using it extensively with powders, creams etc. My overall conclusion is: Yes it’s a great blending tool.. no doubt. Maybe it works miracles with cream foundation. For now Iam happy with my buffing brush technique and don’t see myself using the beauty blender especially on a daily basis.

Review: Soap & Glory Kick Ass Concealer

I think this is a long pending post in my 'Next Posts' page.... Generally with cosmetics I take few uses to arrive at my decision/review. For Soap and Glory kick ass concealer I took a little more time to write the review as I was very hopeful and really wanted this concealer to work out… There are reviews across the net comparing it to Benefit bouying concealer, Laura mercier dual concealer… So I tried and tried and tried.. multiple times with different bases –before  foundation, after foundation, after entire makeup and in different methods – brush, finger, sponge … But in vain!!
It is a 3-step concealer.. step 1 – a kind-of corrective concealer, step 2 - the concealer, step 3 - corrective powder. The pot itself is 2-tiered..

Soap & Glory Kick Ass Concealer in Medium. Swatches are here……..

The product is very creamy to the extents of being greasy... The step 1 part is a mild yellow toned concealer and step 2 is a pink toned concealer... if it works this could be your SALMON concealer (famous by eve pearl). The idea of concealer is to blend these two shades to acheive the right mix to match your skintone.... The pic shows the shades individually and blended. I found the blended shade is available directly in other brands. So no magic there.
The application is not tricky..... I tried the application in 3 methods -
Method 1: The first time I tried it with a brush. The concealer settled in the fine lines in my crease in some time. Also the coverage was very poor… It felt like a cheap n miserable concealer  L
Method2: So next time I dabbed it with my fingers building up in layers… then it showed up so badly under my eyes in grey shades exactly the way many MUA tell in their bad-concealer-tutorials. Instantly you might have thought I need to use a corrective concealer first… oh my… the ‘step 1’ of the inconvenient 3-step pot was supposed to be that…
Method3: Then finally tried it with a wet sponge, coverage was poor than method2.… only good thing is dint get my fingers dirty…
The concealer did crease and appeared cakey when attempted for heavy coverage. It might work out if - you have dry skin, conceal something slighly darker than your skintone but defnitely not for full fledged dark circles like mine.

The two interesting things about this concealer are : 1) the name 2) the setting powder and the small powder puff is useful; could be used with other concealers.

Conclusion: Not enough coverage, Not opaque, only 2 shades, Bad packaging, pricey for a drugstore concealer… 

Did anyone of you use this concealer? Any suggestions/comments...

It comes in two shades – light, medium … which is a great minus I think coz I am really unsure of how many of us will be able to match it to their skin tone… Anyways I went ahead and took the medium shade…
The packaging is super inconvenient… open the pot, lift the powder pan and stick it into the lid… so that you can see the actual concealer… and complete the first two steps… then you realize the supposedly step 3- powder is stuck in the lid – neat and tight… so close the pot and open it again with concealer on your fingers… ofcourse two other options I can think of are: hire an assistant to do this for you or cheaper option is skip the powder step… (somebody is really irritated… J )

Love etc

 Hello everybody… It was my birthday last week…. And out of the several gifts I got some body shop goodies… this is one I am most excited about - The Body Shop Love Etc.. perfume, body lotion and body wash.

I am not particularly good at liking/describing perfumes.... I have the funniest taste I could say. I dont like citrusy flavors in general but I like Clinqiue Happy... I dont like strong smells but I have worn Sarah Jessica Parker's Lovely...yes its strong...  people will know you just passed by... :)

Right now I have Ralph Lauren Romance, TRUSSARDI Bianco...the age old fragrances. yeah.. with fragrances I don’t believe in catching up with trends and leaving something I like behind... I would always add the new one to my collection :) So the latest edition is this.

Love Etc is fruity, flowery and sweet - all of it for me. Previously whenever I sniffed it in the store I felt it was too strong... But somehow last time I passed some time in the store picking up other things and realised I actually liked the smell of Love etc after it settled.
I believe in this theory a lot... that you should give time for a perfume to settle even if its on your clothes.... your pre-built body odor has an impact... (yeah pre-built… in-built… whatever...:P).. Despite the new summer fragrances in store I ended up liking this and hope to use it

BTW I got another faboulous gift... my blog crossed 1000 views last week.. so a big thank you to all of you... :) Keep it coming...

Do you people have any suggestions/comments about the Body shop perfumes? Did you use them?

Unveiling "The CEW (UK) Beauty Awards 2012 Box"

I am calling this post "unveiling" coz I must be one of the first few bloggers writing about it... :) :) :)

Most of you might have already heard of “Latest in Beauty"…  Its almost like glossybox… but they do limited edition beauty boxes sometimes…. So this special edition box contains samples of the award winners of CEW (UK) Awards. You can read more about the awards here.. click 
The overall contents of the box are supposed to be worth about £50… doesn’t matter it’s a great opportunity to try multiple products at £8.95 + postage.. So I am super excited .. one for the contents… two for the time taken for delivery… its not that I received this month end like one of the beauty boxes... cough cough.. you know which one ;)
This box contains 8 samples:
Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish (30ml tube plus muslin cloth)
L'Occitane Immortale Brightening Hand Care SPF15 (15ml)
Percy & Reed Dry Conditioner (50ml)
Elie Saab Eau De Parfum (1ml)
Nails Inc Porchester Square nail polish (10ml)
Mont Blanc Legend Eau de Toilette (1.2ml)
Elemis Pro-Collagen Body Cream (50ml)
Benefit The Porefessional (7.5ml) OR Weleda Pomegranate Firming Day Cream (7ml).... I got the weleda one… L slightly disappointed.. but thats ok...
The box looked like this from exterior..

and the interior when you open it

The packaging is not bad but not as refined as a glossybox…. I have taken pics with MUA primer so that you can assess the size of the samples…
            Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish

                                           L'Occitane Immortale Brightening Hand Care SPF15 

                                                      Percy & Reed Dry Conditioner

                                                        Elemis Pro-Collagen Body Cream
                                          Weleda Pomegranate Firming Day Cream

Mont Blanc Legend Eau de Toilette and Elie Saab Eau De Parfum... these are just vials.. sufficient for sniffing... better than as much you can do in a perfume store... cute packaging though :)
there are 2 vouchers along with the samples...

The left one is a exclusive gift of a foaming wash or face water when you buy a product worth £20 or more from L'occitane... I am hoping to buy one of their night creams soon.. so guess will make use of this.

The right side one is 50% OFF the fakebake self tan... which you can also avail by clicking the link here...

You can order this box from here(click it..). As I write this post, it shows out of stock.. donno if they will re-stock.
In conclusion, all the products are definitely usable… sufficient to form first impressions whether to buy a full size or not… also no colour products that could suit one particular skin tone… definitely a bargain... I have not swatched any of them here coz the post would be too long then… Do leave a comment if you want me to do a review on any of these specifically…