RIMMEL nail polish in 280 SUNSHINE is what we are going to talk about today. I was super happy with the bright sunshine last week in the UK and decided to put on the RIMMEL's bright yellow color on my nails.

As the picture shows, the color looked amazing... almost what I wanted.

Packaging: Its a simple no frills drugstore nail polish. These days drugstore nail polishes having those flat brushes that make it inconvenient to reach the corners. This one does NOT have a brush like that... me very glad. The bottle was smaller compared to RIMMEL pro and hence less product which is good given that its not often one uses a shade like yellow and a big bottle would only mean more wastage.

Product: As with most light colors the product was sheer and took 3 coats to get the intensity of color I wanted. The polish was not too thick or thin in consistency and did not apply uniformly. With a top coat it did last a good 5 days before starting to chip.

I never thought one coat would suffice and as expected the first coat was light and sheer. The second coat did not really fix it coz it added nail polish in a uneven way. So it took a third coat to actually set everything. On top of it, I have also used a top coat to prevent chipping in 2. So all in all 4 coats did look a little packed up on my nail.

- Great color
- Good price
- Decent packaging and brush

- Took multiple coats to get the color.

Conclusion: This is not the best nail polish you could get from drugstore. But not many brands hold this yellow color. So its a good call given the price and the amount of usage.

I am thinking what do I wear on my nails next... Please suggest!! :)

She Said Beauty Box August 2012

She said Beauty Box August 2012... Did I hear anybody say 'yet another beauty box'? Lets see...

                                 From L to R: Papier Poudre
                                   Redken Color Extend Radiant-10
                                  Balance Me Rose Otto Intensive Lip Salve

                                  4711 Eau de Cologne
                                  Nails Inc Nail Polish

                                  White Glo Professional Choice tooth paste
Papier Poudre
An oily skin girl like me could never have enough of blotting sheets and more so blotting sheets with powder are a bonus. I hereby gladly welcome the Papier Poudre to my handbag.

Redken Color Extend Radiant-10 HairsprayHmmm... dont have color treated hair. I thought I said it already in my beauty profile, if its ever considered ;) juz kidding. This one would be given away to someone who will use it.

Balance Me Rose Otto Intensive Lip Salve
I have been on a lookout for non-petroleum based lip balms. I am currently using the clinique one and looking to change next so here comes at the right time Balance Me Rose Otto Intensive Lip Salve. Happy about this.

4711 Eau de Cologne
I am not one for applying alchohol kinda things onto my skin. So the best purpose of this supposedly original eau de cologne for me is to use is as a bath elixir. Looking forward to nice long bath on hot a summer day.

Nails Inc Nail Polish
I got a beautiful pink color Nails Inc nail polish. Although unsure of how its gonna look on me, cant wait to have a try this one :)

White Glo Professional Choice tooth pasteOkay... toothpaste in a beauty box is definitely worth talking. The mini toothpaste would be in my travel essential for my next trip.

When I started writing this post I thought the She said beauty box August 2012 was just another box but now I see it has atleast 3 products that are useful to most people. I take this opportunity to applaude She Said Beauty once again.... :)

Which beauty box did you like? do tell me people....

Review: Dermalogica Oily Skin Kit

I had completed using the Dermalogica Oily Skin Kit sometime back and almost forgot to about the review. For pictures and details of the kit, please read my previous blog post here and the review now:

Dermal clay Cleanser
From the name somehow I was expecting a clay-based kind of thing to come out of the tube.. silly me…  actually it is a thin white liquid. The smell is definitely strong – minty, tea tree kind of. When I put it on my face, it felt little more tingling sensation than a minty cleanser would. It is quite liquidy so very easy to work with. It leaves the skin fresh and dry. Be careful not to get into the eyes and it has been advised to use pre-cleanse before this cleanser.

Multi Active Toner
I stuck to tea tree toners mostly till now (from Lush, Bodyshop). This one was little less tea tree/astringent feeling but almost did the same job as a tea tree toner would do. This has done the job of rebalancing my skin after the cleanser. Thumbs up!

Oil Control Lotion
The lotion is clear light liquid which is absorbed into skin immediately on application. It did not leave any mattifying effect but definitely has done its job right. I might replace my MAC oil control lotion with this one next.

This was the first product I tried on. This smelt salicylic acid + citric acid. The texture is grainy powder. Unfortunately my skin bombed on using this. I had eruptions all over my face and took almost a week to cure. I was wondering if one usage could make such impact, imagine what it would have been if it was a positive reaction… sad that I had a negative reaction.
Pre-cleanse (sample) 
This one I find it certainly interesting – the washable oil. Pre-cleanse is a light oil and has a herbal /aromatherapy kind of smell. I don’t really use it for makeup removal coz I cant stand the idea of massaging makeup all over my face, feels like sure shot way to block my pores and break out. So I clean my makeup with a usual makeup remover or a wipe and then pamper myself with a nice massage using the pre-cleanse. It does leave a slight sticky oily feeling  but then the smell wins me over. I would love to try more cleansing oils next.

Skin Refining Masque (sample) 
This felt like just an extension of the cleanser. It has the same look and feel. It is a white cream that applies onto skin wet… While on, gives a tingling sensation and the freshness after washing like most tea tree masks would. No fireworks here.
Skin Prep Scrub
This is the gem of this kit. Due to large pores on my cheeks, I am extra careful in exfoliation and not many scrub products impress me… Dermalogica skin prep scrub has toothpaste like consistency and fine grainy texture – enough to exfoliate without harsh rubbing. The scrub is very easy to work with and the whole experience of exfoliating with this scrub felt divine, I would say.
Total Eye care
I am not being pessimistic when I say my dark circles wouldn’t go.. its simple.. they are hereditary. I end up using eye creams for cooling/moisturizing my eye area. Due to my oily skin I stuck to eye gels mostly. Dermalogica Total eye care is a nice eye cream – non-greasy, easily absorbed. It felt like water-based and dint creep down my cheeks. I have worn it under make-up as well I did not notice any extra creasing because of this. It definitely moisturised the eye area better than the usual drugstore eye creams that I tend to use.
Re-purchase From the kit…
Cleanser – No
Toner - Yes
Scrub – Yes, yes, yes
Oil control lotion – Yes
Total Eye Care – Maybe

From the samples…
Pre-cleanse – Yes
Skin Refining Masque – No
Microfoliant - No

Conclusion: The kit is a great way to determine which of the Dermalogica products do you want to buy in full size.. Ok… My result is more number of ‘No’s  is very personalized… I am sure it will be different for different people. On the whole this kit is worth a try without doubt and is definitely worth the money!
P.S. Needless to mention my review is not biased in any way and am not affiliated to any company although that would not affect my review J

She Said Beauty July 2012 Box Review

Another beauty box and more excitement... I love beauty boxes like most girls around. Even more I love to read and know from other bloggers. Posts about the same beauty box by multiple bloggers actually show which one of us have similar skin type and similar taste. On that note, here’s my review of the She said Beauty Box for July 2012.

Murad Time Release Acne Cleanser
After hearing great reviews about Murad cleansers, got to try one. The Murad Time Release Acne Cleanser is an interesting cleanser. With oily skin, cream cleansers leave skin feeling supple and smooth but don’t do the tea tree job and tea tree/mint cleansers cleanse thoroughly but feels like take out all . the moisture off the skin. This murad cleanser is a perfect trade-off between the two. It has a lotion like consistency and is white in color.. almost like moisturizing lotion. After use, it leaves the freshness of tea tree cleanser without the drying effect which is amazing. This one is the best product in this box.

Layla D Honey Moisturiser
I gather that Layla D is a new organic skincare company based in the UK. Their products are chemical, paraben and sulphate free.  This cream is indicated ‘for dehydrated, dry and irritated skin’. This moisturizer does its job right. Period. I got to use it one night when my skin felt dry after series of spot treatments. Other than that it is my kind of moistursier as it is not oil-free.
Miners Cosmetics Love Phat Liner
A girl can never have enough black eyeliners I guess. I thought I will add this MINERS cosmetics Love Phat Liner to my array of eyeliners. The eyeliner is a good black color and smudges very easily. Black smoky eye is passé for me as I moved onto purples and blues these days but when I do I will try to use this eyeliner. It was ordinary eyeliner on my eyeliner.. faded in about 30 mins and hard to work with when applying. That’s a thumbs down actually.

Styfile S-file
I have the keyring version of the styfile which is awesome and I wanted to buy the full version and here I have it in the beauty box. Sometimes little things make you so happy… J

Freeze 24.7 Ice Crystals Anti-Ageing Prep & Polish
I tried Freeze 24.7 Ice Crystals Anti-Ageing Prep & Polish with no expectations. The exfoliant was  white in color with toothpaste like consistency and sparsely grainy in texture. It felt cooling on my skin and gave the gentle exfoliation effect with the exfoliation beads spread across. I used it after the Murad cleanser following with a mint mask so that completed a cooling facial J
EDEN Natural nailpolish remover
This was the first product I used from the kit. In the first week of this month I was wearing a passion pink nail polish and I tried to clean that with this. I tied to clean the polish with the EDEN Natural nail polish remover and it has actually done the job fine. I wouldn’t say easier than the existing acetone-free remover but just as right. The fact that the EDEN Nail Polish remover is from all natural ingredients definitely draws me to purchase it. I am so glad I received this in my beauty box otherwise I would have never given a thought to my nail polish remover.

The box also has a 'Debenhams Beauty Club Reward Card'. Anybody who doesn’t have the Debenhams Beauty Club Reward Card yet should be happy to receive this one I suppose.
So that was it from me. Do leave your experiences with this month’s beauty boxes in the comments below…. See you around!! :)

MUA Lip Boom - Bring It (Swatches & Review)

If you have read my previous posts you know I have been waiting for MUA Lip Booms. I could not get them in Oxford Superdrug so picked 'em when I went to Milton Keynes. I got the MUA Lip Boom in the shade 'Bring It'.


The packaging is attractive with the covering around the lipstick. But the outer packaging of the actual lipstick is not great - owing it to the low price I guess.

The shade 'Bring It' is a maroony red. A good red shade that matches most skin tones well. The gloss is pinky red with big chunks of glitter. Th gloss was not to my taste but I used the lipstick and the shade lasted a good 4 hrs on me without any touch-ups. Not sure for other shades though.

                                                    MUA liptsick Bring It swatches
                                     L to R: lipstick and gloss side-by-side,
                                      lipstick with gloss on half of it,
                         close-up of lipstick with and without gloss and gloss alone

- Good Matte lipstick (without gloss) and long-lasting.
- highly pigemented, not sure if its with just this shade
- Quite inexpensive
- Good color range (waiting to try others)

- The gloss is too much glittery
- The packaging is plastic-ky

Conclusion: The MUA lip boom definitely reached the expectations, for all the hype surrounding it. Good shade range, decent lasting power and price will make this best-selling soon.

So those were my thoughts. Do share yours in the comments below. :) I am sure some of you have used the MUA Lip Boom. Please suggest other shades I should buy.

Spa Facial: Do's and Dont's

Over the years I have had facial treatments a number of times with treatments ranging from fresh fruit facial to Gold facial. A good facial costed about INR 2000 (25 GBP)  and was well worth it. The common steps of a facial routine are –Cleansing, Exfoliation, Steam, Massage and Face Pack.
There are pre-set facial kits that could be used for a particualr facial. A facial could also be custom made. For instance most aroma facials are – the oils to be used on client are chosen specific to the client skin type and concerns.  Today I want to jot down do’s and dont’s of a spa facial from my experience.
Cleanse - Most spas store their cleansers in fridge to give that relaxing feeling on the first touch of cleanser.
DONT worry if cream cleansers are used, even on oily skin. Next step will balance it.
1)      Notice if the aesthetician is massaging the cleanser. It is just needed to smooth over the face for surface cleansing, not absorbed into the skin.
2)      Leave the cleanser on the skin for few mins and removed with cotton wool before the next step.
Scrub – After cleansing, exfoliation is the next step. The type of scrub used would ofcourse depend on the type of facial. I have had facials where scrubs were very fine to huge chunks.
DON’T be afraid if rough chunky scrub is used, once in a while as part of the facial regime.
DO –
1)      Let the exfoliation step last around 5 mins ( but not more)
2)      Take care that the massage is not hurting your skin
3)      Make sure to pay attention to your problem areas like corner of the nose
Steam - After the scrub is cleaned, steam is given to the face. This is not a mandatory step for all facial recipes but is done in most.
DON’T worry if the steam is left on different times for different people. Generally oily skinned people steam is given for more amount of time, about 5 mins.
1)      The eyes should be covered from steam with wet cotton before giving it
2)      Black/white head removal is best to happen at this stage
3)      Steam should be always followed cold compression to close the pores before the massage.

Massage - Facial massage is the best part of the facial and THE step that makes it different to at-home facial. A good massage is not only nurturing but relaxing as well. This phase should be of about 15-20 mins.
1)      An ideal massage would be from hands which are naturally warm and soft.. do not have grooves on them. Not everybody is eligible to give a massage. J
2)      Don’t let the cream clog your pores. This happens if previous steps aren’t done properly.
1)      Choose the right thing for you – it is ideal to use a gel or mild cream for oily skin and good cream for others. Good facial kit would provide this choice.
3)      Good amount of cream/gel is used (about 15-20 gm) and is absorbed well into the skin over the massage.
4)      Leave the skin for 2 mins to let it absorb before cleaning up any extra cream.

Face Pack -The final step of a facial is the face pack. Although we use them at home more so often, nothing can match the one which is part of facial.
1)      Let your skin be left and forgotten with the face pack on. No pack needs to be dry more than 85% in actual (except some thermo packs).
2)      Speak and go around with pack on. Sit back and feel it working.

1)      Let the eyes be covered with cotton pads dipped in cucumber/rose water or some eye pads.
2)      Check and confirm that the pack balances rest of the facial. For example if you have oily skin and a cream was used for massage, the pack would be clay-based to draw out any excess oils the cream has left on the skin.

Selecting the facial right for your skin is the most important step. It is based not just on your skin type (oily, dry ) but also skin needs at the moment (like nourishing, deep clean). Generally the aesthetician should assist and advice in this regard.  Do mention any known allergies to help the decision.
Wrong decisions could be like –
An ‘orange peel facial’ disturbed my friend’s skin and caused eruptions because she was allergic to citrus things.
The famous ‘gold facial’ that works wonders and is used by almost every bride made me more oily and break-out because of the cream. A gel with gold oxide worked perfect the next time I had this facial.

Sometimes the skin might produce more oil after a facial routine than it usually does. Do not panic; it could be the skin’s way of adjusting to that particular facial and should settle in 24 hours. Pay attention if it continues.
After a facial it is important to stay away from make-up and any other treatments. It is advised use a mild cleanser and good moisturiser. Any treatments like facial hair removal, facial bleach should be performed before the facial routine.
A gap of 4 to 6 weeks can be left between two professional facial routines. Just like many treatments, a facial every other day would not do any miracles.
Ok I am really pepped up for an at-home pore refining facial and let me show you my facial kit I would be using this time:
                                       From L to R: Soap & Glory Fab Pore Hot Cloth Cleanser
                                        Soap & Glory The Greatest Scrub
                                        SKIN DOCTORS gamma hydroxy resurfacing cream
                                        Soap & Glory The Fab Pore Peel

Hope this post helps you people and do let me know your facial treatment experiences J

And the winner is....

I have tried to update the original post and get in touch with the winner but guess it was not working. So here it is.... the big way :)

I take immense pleasure in announcing that the winner of 50-follower giveaway is: Sophiax
Congratulations Sophia... Please get in touch with me with your address :):):).

Once again zillion THANKS to all my readers for encouraging me...  and keep looking for my 100-follower giveaway...  :):):):)

P.S.: the fine print is if the chosen winner is not responding in a week's time I will ask my excel randomizer to choose new winner.

Revlon Colorstay Eyeliner (Navy)

Revlon Colorstay Eyeliner in Navy is my latest obsession. Since my sleek pencils post (here) I have been looking for a dark blue eyeliner... I picked this up for the shade.

My expectation from eyeliner is easy to apply, smudge-proof, water-proof, long stay ( it feels odd to transform from faded eyeliner to fresh/dark eyeliner during lunch break ). Yap.. that seems to pretty much cover all one can ask for under the sun from an eyeliner :)

Now this eye liner put to test...

Packaging is convenient... retractable with tight cap. I have been going around with this in my handbag and no tragedies like breaking of the pencil or misplacement of cap.

Coming to the product... the shade is exactly what I have been looking for.... no glitter... not light and not dark but more like Navy blue. I have to say that the pigmentation is not good enough.. I do 2 coats of this to get the desired color and the swatch shows 3 layers of application...

It is truly smudge-proof, when I apply over my oily lids (with a primer) it doesnt move all day. It is water-proof. At the end of the day I use oil-based makeup remover to clean it. But like almost all long-stay eyeliners from UD to Sleek, even the revlon colorstay eyeliner fails to stay on my waterline. I have really watery eyes and irrespective of the weather conditions I end up with panda eyes even staying indoors.... :)

- smudge proof, water proof, very good to wear for 8 hours
- problem free packaging
- retractable pencil is convinient to use. comes with a little sharpner in the end.
- No warming is required

- Not pigmented enough for me. I apply 2 coats.
- gets little weird sometimes... the eyeliner gets kind of powdery.

Conclusion: It is a great eye liner in all aspects and everybody should give it a go. Despite my watery eyes not keeping it in place this is my new favourite eyeliner.

Has anyone else used this shade of this eyeliner? Also please recommend eyeliners that could stay on waterline.

Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream

Maybelline as a brand has always been hit with me so I was really waiting for this BB cream to release.  As early as I could, I picked up the Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream in Medium. I have used it multiple times and here’s my detailed review…

Lets look at the claims and what I have to say -
• Protects with SPF 30: Yes. It has an SPF so it must be protecting from sun.
• Oil free, non greasy: Yes. This is 100% correct. Although I have had a failure with No.7 BB cream which was exclusively meant for oily skin (Read full review here), the Maybelline dream fresh is ideal for oily/combination skins. J
• Imperfections look blurred: Yes. This BB cream is very pigmented (more than the No.7 one). So it is like a toned down version of foundation in coverage.
• A natural looking glow: Hmmm… I don’t quite know what to say. I did look made-up but definitely better than the look of foundation.
• Fresh feel: Yes… I know this sounds quite like an ad… but the feeling is true. It felt non-greasy which is fresh J
• Compliments skin tone: Ok.. now we got a problem… As the BB cream is highly pigmented it does not really disappear into the skin like a simple moisturizer, the tint shows on the skin so if the shade does not match you well then it might not complement the skin tone.
• Skin looks smooth: Yes. As I said, this works like light coverage foundation.
• Hydrates: Ok now I have oily skin so I can’t comment of how hydrating it was. But it was definitely not drying.

The shade range is the bane. I thought ‘medium’ would be a match to my NC42 skin but the BB cream oxidized on me to almost NC45 L which was quite dark. Then I tried light, no luck. I am in between the shades ‘Light’ and ‘medium’. As seen in the swatches, the BB cream seems to have pink undertones.
It is not really long-wearing. After 4 hours I could see it almost disappeared. Ofcourse I did not use a primer because my idea was an all-in-one cream for on-the-go. Maybe primer would make it better.
I would not suggest using it as a foundation primer as the Maybelline BB cream in itself is very pigmented. It might work well under powder foundations for better coverage.
Conclusion: This BB cream is definitely good. Oily skinned people can be also look at it as it is non-greasy and did not break me out…JJJ . I am glad I found a BB cream and I am hoping I would be able to use the BB cream in light in winter.
Has anybody else used this BB cream? Or any other BB cream suggestions for me?

50 follower giveaway - [CLOSED]

This is my first giveaway and is not much but I promise you this is just the start and there are much bigger things to come... Ok..

                                            L to R: Rimmel Stay Matte Powder (Transparent),
                                                       Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick (Asia),
                                                       Rimmel Nail Polish (white orchid),
                                                       Rimmel Nail Polish (Urban Princess),
                                                       Rimmel Scandal Eyes Mascara,
                                                       Rimmel Clear Complexion concealer


This giveaway is open internationally

- You must be aged 16 or over, or have consent from your parent/guardian

- You must be a follower of my blog through GFC and leave a comment below with your email address. This would get you one entry.

- You could get 5 additional entries if you blog about my giveaway. Leave a comment below with your email address and provide the link to the post you have blogged.

- The winner will be announced after the giveaway closes on the 8th July 2012

Yay... Once again thanks to all my old followers and welcome to my new followers... All the Best!

The Body Shop Elderflower Unperfumed Eye Gel

Somehow most eye creams sting on my eyes…. there's some ingredient that my eyes are sensitive to probably. Boots cucumber eye gel dint have that ingredient I believe… So I was happy using it. I just wanted to try some other eye gel. If something went wrong I could always go back to my Boots gel. Hence comes into picture – ‘The Body Shop Elder flower unperfumed eye gel’.


Actually the SA has suggested this product looking at my dark circles. Although this clearly indicates as cooling gel and does not claim anything potent. This eye gel did not reduce my dark circles which I ofcourse don’t expect of any product not just this; as mine are hereditary and partially professional hazard.  This product did what I expected it to do. Its not a miraculous product if you are wondering…

Speaking of the packaging it is a small jar which might not be very hygenic... I know most people dont like that dipping in fingers... but I managed. The pot contains 15 ml and lasts quite long...

Being a gel it is quick absorbed. This definitely cools off and locks the skin in the area of application. So in mornings I apply it under my concealer although I have to say something creamy is more suggested for easy blending. In the evenings I sometimes used to apply vitamin E oil and then follow with this gel to prevent the oiliness from creeping down my cheeks.

This is a relaxing eye gel. The cooling effect of the eye gel is felt only the first few times… my eyes watered the first time and I kind of felt the release of heat from them. I think eyes get used to it after sometime so you don’t realize it specifically. Also I put a thick layer of this gel as a mask on my eyes when they are tired and it really helps. If not for anything this eye gel is definitely useful as an eye mask. All in all this gel perfectly serves my purpose.

Has anyone else used this gel? please suggest a good eye cream that could help dark circles...

Review: Revlon Color Stay Mineral Finishing Powder

Revlon Color Stay Mineral Finishing Powder is supposedly the dupe for MAC Mineralize Skinfinish. I don’t own a MAC MSF right now coz I am not able to fit it in my make-up routine... But when an inexpensive dupe came up for 5 pounds I wanted to try....
                                    Revlon ColorStay Mineral Finishing Powder in Suntan Matte
Below is the swatch...

Ok now lets see the multiple uses of this product and my experiences...
Setting Powder:
When I first used this product, I used it directly over my foundation replacing the setting powder. I got the most subtle finish that no powder could get me till now. This was a good match to my skin tone with slightly bronzed look.. this really gave that natural glow. I thought I have found THE finishing powder. But in an hour I realized I totally missed the oil-control part of it. So I still had to use a translucent powder. Right now searching for a setting powder that restores the glow of revlon powder and has oil control properties. This one is a great finishing powder for NC40 to NC44 skin tones.
I am a fan of all things matte - foundation, eyeshadow, lipstick and ofcourse bronzer. I could use the revlon powder as a light bronzer.... It is not exactly matte finish but it is not really shimmery. As I said, it gives you that mild sheen. The best part is it doesn’t make you look orange unless you do multiple layers but the other way of looking at it is just enough color to be called a bronzer. The swatch above was of almost 5 to 6 layers of the powder.
OK I told you the good... the bad part is: it is too hard to get out of the container. I had to check the brush to confirm the product is being picked up..  After the first layer I almost could not get any product onto my brush. Remembering Sam (Samantha Chapman of Real Techniques) suggestion, I had to scrape the surface from time to time. I hear its a common problem with baked products. It is not easy and definitely not hygienic to do this and this might be the only reason I will not re-purchase it :(...
Has anyone else used this powder? Do you know of any good finishing powders for dark skin?

Haul: June 2012

Hi lovelies... I have been missing in action on my blog last few days with no sepcific reason... But now I am back... and with some news.... first I would be doing a small giveaway on reaching 50 followers...yay... second... its haul time again...

First up is the most interesting product in my haul...

                                                  Boots Botanics Hot Cloth Cleansing Balm

The Boots BOTANICS Cleansing Balm was all over the net and was compared to eve lom cleanser but then it went out of stock for a long time.. now it is back in new packaging as a hot cloth cleanser... Lets see if this is as impressive as the old one...

After multiple failed concealers I re-visited MAC with a hope that Pro-longwear would do good to me.

There was 3 for 2 on Boots No. 7 products so I picked up what I wanted to try from this range..

                                          From Left to Right: No7 Total Renewal Micro-dermabrasion Exfoliator
                                          No7 Shine Free Primer
                                          No7 Beautiful Skin Cleansing Water

                                     From Left to Right: No7 Stay Perfect Nail Polsih in LUCKY LILAC 50,
                                                          No7 Stay Perfect Nail Polsih in Oyster 120,
                                                          No7 Nourishing Nail & Cuticle Care

These purchases got me two No. 7 vouchers of 5 pound each... No clue what to spend them on coz I kind of already bought all that I wanted to try.. Do you people have any suggestions? please do drop in the comments... 

She said beauty box June 2012

I love the whole concept of beauty boxes. If I could I would subscribe to all of them but alas in real world its all constrained by budget. So I had to cancel my glossybox to try out She said beauty. This is my first she said beauty box and here it goes...

Firstly I am really glad to see a box in the first week of the month.. I received it on June 1. I know its silly that a box in last week of a month is less pleasing than one in the first week... but that is what it is for me. Secondly I love the packaging of she said beauty.. the lid with magnet feels more sophisticated than the usual box.

Coming to the products inside... it looks jam-packed..

Ginvera Green Tea Nude Cover BB Cream
"This Green Tea BB cream by Ginvera is a unique blend of antioxidants that help fight against free radical damage and help prevent fine lines."

I am a lot into BB creams these days... have already written my review about No 7 BB cream for oily skin. I am currently trying maybelline, garnier. So I'm game to try this one and find out how it works.

Let's Go Lashes Temptress Strip Lashes"Let's Go Strip Lashes come in 4 fabulous ranges - Flirt, Tease, Temptress and Heartbreaker. There are 10 sensational styles in each range, so over 40 different lashes to suit every personality and every mood!"

I said in my previous posts that I am not big on lashes... I am more of mascara layering girl. Still I was really happy with these lashes due to shape... I love these which open outwards. For me the whole idea of false lashes is to add drama and these are called 'temptress'... they are just the right amount of drama for me.

Yardley London Royal Diamond Eau De Toilette"To celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, Yardley London presents Royal Diamond - A sophisticated, sparkling fragrance opening with a touch of pear and bergamot surrounded by a subtle note of honey, with a delicate, romantic floral bouquet enhanced with a soft woody and vanilla base."

I loved this smell instantly.... I am not good at describing fragrances but its a gentle fragrance. In some sense probably its a little elderly scent... but the point is its good. So maybe I wont wear it to a pub but definitely there are more formal occasions on which this suits fine... Given that the full size product retails for £9.99 for 50ml I already bought it! :)

Mischa Barton Whipped Shea Body Butter in Lemon Zest
"Say goodbye to dry! Mischa's super-moisturising whipped body butter softens and disappears, revealing soft supple skin."

I really love shea butter based creams coz its lighter and more manageable than the cocoa butter ones. But I have too many body creams as of now and I dint want to even touch this one coz I really plan to give it away to someone who would use it.

St Tropez Self Tan Perfect Legs
This lightweight 360 aerosol spray gives instant colour and an airbrushed finish whilst building a natural long-lasting self tan, for naturally tanned perfect legs. Contains St. Tropez aromaguard technology. Created by St. Tropez, the tanning experts you trust to get it right.

I am a warm toned and a day in sun could get me 2 shades darker and I get a self-tan product... ha ha ha... Still this product is quite useful to me at the moment coz my legs are lighter than my hands and my hands are lighter than my face.. I have no clue what was the creator (if there is one) thinking when he made me. Anyways whenever I wear skirts/shorts I prefer to flaunt my natural skin as against stockings. This tanning spray should make it convinient matching my legs to my face complexion. Haven't got a chance to try it yet.

Elemis Tranquil Touch Indulgent Bath Elixir

Lately I am in love with these bathing products in beauty boxes. I know I cant use a 200 mls of product which is why I dont really buy most bath products. Also most bath products end up smelling over powering for me but finally I found something thats smells divine! its not mild but not too strong... perfectly relaxing!
Overall this box gets a 'good' from me. There are no inappropriate or non-usable products... Lashes and perfume get thumbs up!

Given that I am testing the boxes to decide which one to stick my loyalties to... I am being a little too critical. Lets see how it goes for next ones... What are your experiences with beauty boxes? which one do you think is better?

Can't live without: Neutrogena Visibly Clear face wash

Last Thursday I started packing for the weekend trip and like always I started with an idea of packing light… Do I always pack light? No sweetheart… the idea of packing light has always been there… :D

Anyways this time I took it seriously…  I started packing toiletries. In my holiday shopping (I wrote a post in April), I bought the travel size simple face wash. Last time I took that Simple gel instead of my usual Neutrogena visibly clear facewash with me.

No doubts Simple face wash is mild, feels refreshing after wash but then there was something missing… I dint feel disinfected, if that makes any sense to you guys… the feeling you get after an astringent toner, tea tree oil…. Its like re-assuring yourself ‘your-skin-is- safe’…

So I had to buy Neutrogena visibly clear facewash and have a wash that night to feel skin care is ‘complete’… I was so glad that my Holy Grail cleanser is not a Dermalogica or Liz Earle  otherwise I wouldn’t have known which place to run to in that village I was staying… while I got that Neutrogena from ASDA…

As seen in the swatch above, it is a thick white water-based cream and applies like a cream…  The face wash as indicated is 2-in-1… its easy to use.. you could use it in shower as a face wash or as a mask once a week… It feels a tiny tingling /cooling sensation when applied and after the wash skin feels clean and fresh…  OK I confess it does feel like it strips off the oils but I actually like it… after enjoying that bare-skin feeling for few minutes I follow with a toner (usually a tea tree one) and my Simple moisturizer for best results… In the first few months of using this facewash I could see clear difference in my skin… indeed visibly clear… less spots, less blemishes.. I know it sounds unconvincing that a facewash that stays on the face for about 30 seconds can make blemishes disappear more than some creams that stay overnight. But it works..… it’s the post-usage impact of the wash that helps the blemishes I think…

L to R: Neutrogena visibly clear gentle exfoliating wash, Neutrogena visibly clear 2-in-1 wash and mask

I have used the Neutrogena visibly clear facewash for over 2 years now. Although this brand is available in many countries, this facewash is not available in India or Singapore or US…. Since 2010 I have carried it to all places I have been to; my UK friends brought it for me whenever (and wherever) they visited me

Lately I have been using the Neutrogena visibly clear gentle exfoliating face wash as a wash and the 2-in-1 as a mask…. If you are someone who doesn’t like the ultra cooling effect and the stripping of oils of the visibly clear 2-in-1 then try the exfoliating version… its really mild exfoliation… the particles are soft and not dense at all in the wash… and the overall affect feels just as good as the mask..

Hence I hereby present my ‘cant-live-without’ cleanser – Neutrogena visibly clear facewash. Perfect for the much awaited summer ahead…  (honestly I am tired of these rains… Is this summer as taught to me in geography class???!!!)