Best Drugstore Shampoo

In the picture L to R: schwarzkopf yogurt and lime shampoo, The Body Shop Rainforest Balance Shampoo, Alberto Balsam Tea Tree tingle shampoo, Simple Kind to Hair gentle shampoo, Percy and Reed moistursing shampoo, Johnsons baby shampoo
I started this blog hoping to help girls like me wandering in the drugstore not sure of what to try next…. So back to basics people…. Drugstore shampoo… there are so many out there almost within 5 pounds… I have used quite a few over the years and this is my analysis…. I chose to compare the following today:
- Schwarzkopf yogurt and lime shampoo
- Garnier Fructis Strength & Shine Shampoo
- Loreal professional liss ultime
- Pantene Lively clean Shampoo
- Dove Intensive Repair Shampoo 250ml
- Simple kind to hair shampoo

I have used some paramters to rate them and the analysis follows -
Simple > Schwarzkopf > Garnier Fructis> Pantene > Dove > Loreal
How fast did it make me greasy:
Dove> Garnier Fructis > Loreal > Pantene > Simple> schwarzkopf
Smooth and shine:
Loreal> Dove > Fructis > Pantene = Simple > schwarzkopf
Dryness control:
Dove > Loreal > Fructis > Loreal > Simple > Pantene > Schwarzkopf

Conclusion: Based on the parameters and based on the hair type, the best shampoo would be personal choice.
After that diplomatic statement (wink.. wink...) the winner as per my personal choice is ‘Simple Kind to Hair Shampoo’ … It's not very moisturizing but I have greasy scalp with normal hair… so conditioner helps me balance it. Rest all factors, its fine. In addition, gets the brownie points for being silicone-free… ofcourse is NOT sulfate free. (personally I cant imagine a shampoo without lather on my greasy head...)
I have not used sulphate –free and silicone-free as the parameters for comparison as none of them are… J 
Alberto Balsam Tea Tree tingle shampoo is similar to Schwarzkopf in this comparison… Alberto Balsam is slightly better than Schwarzkopf. I use it by mixing two drops of tea tree oil on those extremely greasy days when I feel the next stage is dandruff…
It looks kind of unfair to have brought a salon-care shampoo like Loreal liss ultime into this comparison but I just wanted a representation of Loreal, Matrix, wella shampoos… Is it worth spending 10 pounds when you can do away with 4? refer to my percy and reed shampoo detailed review here 
If you have decided to splurge on shampoo, go and get yourself ‘The Body Shop Raniforest shampoo’. It is sulphate-free, silicone-free …. I don’t call it a drugstore shampoo so it was not in the comparison…
If silicone and sulphate are so dangerous in shampoos why isn’t everybody rushing to Lush or Body shop…. Because…. Sulphates are mostly in the detergent ingredient of the shampoo which helps lather… silicones are the ingredients which are advertised as ‘shine to your hair’…  People aren’t foolish to spend money on something that’s damaging…. There must be something in the end result which is worth the damage.. ;)…
P.S. I dint explain my hair type in detail as the post is already long enough, I narrated the story of my hair here.. click

Going the floral way...

Last week the climate has been so misbehaving… rainy windy…. Argh!!!... I decided to pep up with some floral prints I possess….

Each pair from this collection of ear studs is from different places from Primark, Accessorize, Claire’s… etc… They are really useful… change the look of the face without drama… ;) good for work, school, shopping... anywhere...

The good old neon pink pants…. Interestingly unlike other neon colors, this color of the neons can be carried off by many girls very easily…  Also it matches a wide spectrum of tops from a black to florals…

These floral scarves are from poundland… I love to pair them with the plain tops/t-shirts in a bow style along side a pair of jeans… Its chic and casual… The white with pink floral skinny belt running next to these is from a set of 3 from PRIMARK… Dint get a chance to wear it yet actually…

This is the best… I love this floral top from APRICOT… very girly… very youthful… I feel most floral stuff end up looking like teen stuff or the mum’s wear to me.. L L donno why…. This top is one of THE things that felt like made for 20s….

Ok so that’s some latest floral items from  my wardrobe… please leave your suggestions on how you think I could pair these in the comments….
P.S. I have submitted this as an entry to the InFB Florals.... click here to see the gorgeous entires....

Bourjois 123 foundation: First Impressions

Hello all....

After a long time I am trying a new foundation.... After the MAC failure I have been reading reviews and doing a lot of research before I took one... but this one somehow caught my eye...

Bourjois 123 foundation.... and the 123 are the claims
1. Yellow pigments – conceals dark circles
2. Mauve pigments – corrects dullness for radiance
3. Green pigments – neutralises redness for an even out the complexion
all this is coverage for me... :)

- 24hr hydration
- SPF 10
Thats good for summer. Bad for pictures.

- Cotton Flower – hydration & anti-shine
This is what made me buy this foundation... It is anti-shine.

- non comedogenic, lets skin breathe

- lasts for up to 16hrs

Packaging is very similar to the existing Bourjois foundations. The pump fitted on the bottle is really good. It releases little amounts with small presses.

I have seen only 5 shades of this foundation in boots -
51 vanille claire
52 vanille
53 beige claire
54 Beige
56 Beige Rose

56 was dark for me, something below would have been great. I took 54 Beige. The shade was a perfect match to my hand .. it disappears on my skin after blending which means it is lighter for my face.... Generally all foundations go dark on me after applying them, while this foundation did not oxidise much. Maybe need a bronzer on top of this to darken a bit, but I dont prefer that bronzer-finish look... gotta see what to do.

The quantity what I swatched was like 3 pumps. That qunatity was almost sufficient for my face, I anyways did one more round coz I need more coverage. This is medium coverage foundation.

The foundation is like a light liquid - it was not runny but not as thick as MAC/REVLON. It was easy to apply and blend with my buffing brush.  It did not actually need a powder to set it which was good. I dint expect a liquid to give such natural finish.  

Also it dint feel heavy or oily on my skin. Infact I needed a moisturiser coz it felt a teeny weeny bit dry in some patches on my face (where I have been using my pimple treatment). I have acne-prone oily skin so dry skin people... treat yourself to a good moisturiser before applying this foundation... I haven't used it for a long day like 10 or 12 hrs so cant comment on the staying power yet.


Nice water-based foundation. Easy to blend and apply.  Demi matte finish. Hurray! Dint break me out. This is a big deal for me... coz even MAC and Estee Lauder have :(
Quite light on skin.

Light to Medium coverage which is not enough coverage for my pores/acne scars.
Shades are mostly targetting ivory skin tones. Very limited shades in UK for darker skin tones.

Conclusion: I have not been huge hit with foundations. The previous Bourjois foundation (healthy mix) made me greasy but this one's definitely better. Works for oily skin and Normal skin :) :) .... Not loving it but liking it to the extents that Maybelline dream matte is replaced with this in my routine.

This foundation is originally priced at 10.99, but on an offer in boots for 6.99 currently. The Bourjois stands in stores are already empty.. so dont go to them... just walk around the store... Boots have stacked them in different places for promotion purposes... I got mine from the billing counter... :) :) :)

MAC powder puff dupe

The evolution of powder applicators .... There were powder puffs (atleast in India) ... then there were brushes... then there were sponges..... Now the latest is powder puff.. with branding from MAC, Benefit etc... :) :) :)
MAC powder puff retails at 5.50 and compact powder puff (2 pieces) at 3.50…. while the dirty works powder puff is currently on an offer at 49 p and satin puffs are 79 p.. Yes I typed it correct… Got mine from Sainsburys… they are 1.28 as against MAC applicators costing 9 pounds….
I don’t know if I could call it a bargain yet, given the branding and wide usage of MAC powder puffs but definitely Dirty works puffs deserve a try…. these are atleast look-alike and feel-alikes if not exact dupes.... :D ... Go grab one if you feel like…

Review: The Body Shop Tea Tree Kit

All through my teenage I have lived with my frequent break-outs listening to the elders advice of “not doing anything to cure the pimples is the best way to handle them”… But after sometime I thought I am old enough to suppress a pimple… (illogical reasoning?!! That’s acceptable dear… J)
And the cost one pays for handling breakouts are scars… So I decided to handle the scars/blemishes… and the best known medicine to me is tea tree. I wanted to do a tea-tree routine… I did consider incorporating tea tree oil into my regular skincare but I wanted to give it a more serious try and got the body shop tea tree kit..
The kit contains:
Tea Tree Facial Wash 250 ml
Tea Tree Toner 250 ml
Tea Tree Skin Clearing Lotion 50 ml
Facial Brush With Lid
This is not the regular starter kit with 50 ml bottles… this was the full size … I don’t think they do it regularly… It was in the gifts section in February…  and I gifted myself … J
The thing with skin care products is the negative affect (like allergic reaction) will be seen in 1 use while the positive affect will need some time to show. I give 3 weeks for any skin product to work.  I used the body shop tea tree kit regularly like a medicine course for over a month now… it smells like some kind of medicine to me afterall…  and it shows… I really have clearer looking skin now…
I really wish I could do a before and after picture here. But when I was just about to enjoy the benefits of clear skin I messed it up… Do you remember the dermalogica package ? (click here to see). I started off with a Daily Microfoliant sample on Friday… Don’t know which ingredient of the formulation I am allergic to but it bombed… big time… I have skin irritation and rashes all over my face… Cant tell you my grief in words… 1 month of tea tree effort destroyed… L L L … Now I am doing the at home remedies: oat meal masks and aloe vera gel.

Anyways coming to back to tea tree range…
Tea Tree Facial Wash: This was a green gel like liquid… slightly foamy watery gel … Good is: Face felt fresh and deeply cleansed after wash; not really stripped of oils… Bad is: Smells difficult… I reminded myself it’s a course and I have to complete it each time I used it… Have to be extra careful to not go near the eyes with this one.. (yes! Got the experienceJ)… This could be used as a regular face wash and followed with a good moisturizer.

Tea Tree Toner:  I am not a fan of face toners. The two toners I have used the most are: Astringent when my skin feels oily or regular, Rose water if it feels little dry (very very rare).  Has the tea tree flavor as expected. It is similar to the Lush tea tree water… a little more powerful.
Good is: The Body shop tea tree toner is kind of astringent… this does not sting as much though. I will continue to use this even after I am done with the kit as I need a staple toner now and this fits the bill best.
Bad is: the packaging is inconvenient. Its high time they had spray pumps like Lush. I bought one from superdrug and fixed it… J nice na…

Tea Tree Skin Clearing Lotion: This one is the actual treatment gel you could say. Simple white gel. Not as medicinal  as I dreaded it would be. Good is: It is easy to apply and quickly absorbed. I did not see any bad.. but people using night creams might be able to comment on how it performs along with a night cream. I did not use the tea tree skin clearing lotion every night but I switched between moisturizer and this.
Facial Brush With Lid: I have been wondering about the right facial tool for my face… (Click to see the post). I gave the body shop brush a go. Cute lid… I thought the handle not being long would give me better control on the pressure applied on my face. The first day I tried it I felt inconvenient and burning sensation on my skin… I thought I need to get used to it yet… second day was same… third day I tried it with the tried-and-tested simple cleansing lotion… still the same affect… that’s it… I stopped using it… The ends of the bristles are too harsh… forget the exfoliation, it hurts!
Conclusion: Overall I wouldn’t call it a magic but The Body Shop Tea tree range works…  skip the brush..
BTW Now I am using the bodyshop butter duo in sweet pea …. What do you think is the best body shop butter for summer? And Has anyone else tried their tea tree range? Tell me in your comments below.

'Simple' is my VIP

Simple tissue, simple cleansing milk, simple soaps, simple powder, simple makeup remover, simple mosituriser, simple gel wash, simple shampoo, Simple conditioner, Simple hand wash, Simple body wash, Simple spot pen.... I never realized there are so many Simple products in my life…
In the picture above are -
Simple kind to skin cleansing facial wipes – Those days when I just want to wipe my face/hands with something wet I use these.  They don’t really smell pleasant but they work well.
Simple Kind to Hair gentle care conditioner and shampoo – my current shampoo and conditioner. I am absolutely in love with them.
Simple kind to skin eye makeup remover – As you see the bottle is almost half-empty So you know this is what I have been using for my eye and lip makeup removal.
Simple kind to skin hydrating light moisturiser – One of my staples. Been using it for a long time.
Simple Kind to skin purifying cleansing lotion – I use it for the hot-cloth cleansing. The major difference between this and Liz Earle for me is the eaucalyptus oil… (I know ingredients are different and all that :D) … So this works for me… If you haven’t tried yet, give it a try..
Simple kind to skin pure talc – You dint know they made this?... I am super sensitive to deodorants … I have a burning sensation with any deo on my skin… so I need this for my underarms…
Simple soaps – This soap is really plain and simple… For a quick bath, I use this on my body and its been fine…
I am not affiliated to Simple... ( I know you know ;) still Iam endorsing it heavily coz…. I am an epitome of sensitivity…  I am fully eligible to participate in those product/cosmetic researches for oily sensitive skin.. LOL…. So if a brand has worked for me… it would work for most of the sensitive skinned girlies out there…  

Percy and Reed shampoo review

Percy and Reed Splendidly Silky Moisturising shampoo is the latest shampoo I have tried… I don’t believe in sticking to one when it comes to shampoo… Depending on the season and how my hair is I use shampoos. Sometimes in a single bath I use one shampoo for the first wash and another shampoo for second wash and then follow with conditioner. 

Although my hair is fairly normal , my scalp is extremely greasy. Till date it’s not many times I have used conditioner on the entire length of my hair… its just the tips always. Ok… after the tale of how and why and what of my hair… coming to the review…

This shampoo is a thick cream and little goes a long way… It is creamy but not greasily creamy.. unlike some shampoos like Dove which feel greasy to me. Has a beautiful fragrance.. quite fruity if I may say so… might be a little too strong for some but I liked it. The ingredient list is -

The tube says …. "The perfect pick-me-up for parched hair. Blueberry extract and sweet almond milk clean and moisturise, pro vitamin B5 adds strength, and you get gorgeous locks which are
quite gloriously glossy."

Right now I could call my hair parched in a way due to the heat of multiple blow dry sessions. So I decided to give this shampoo a go… I used the 100 ml sample tube (that came with the glamour magazine april issue.. same time when I got the clinique moisture surge... review here).

I have used it in 3 ways – 1) by itself, 2)along with another shampoo and 3) with a follow-on conditioner and I felt…

1) when I used the shampoo alone with no conditioner or any product , it was bliss…. I am not being generous with my compliments here… hands down… this shampoo is wonderful…. My straight hair felt soft, smooth, silky and perfectly moisturized. It did have a healthy shine as much I could achieve with any conditioner + hair spray. Ofcourse thanks to my greasy scalp I felt oily in 3 days… but that’s the case with any good shampoo on my hair…

2) when I used it along with another shampoo – I first used Alberto Balsam Tea tree tingle shampoo and then next wash with percy and reed. Hmm… Now we have a problem… The first
wash turned it into a usual shampoo I guess… My hair did not look anything like case 1.. infact I felt the need of a conditioner like an ordinary shampoo…  Good part is my hair did not get greasy
for 5 days but then no shiny silky hair as well.

3) This time I thought I will follow with conditioner after the 2-shampoo wash…. I used the simple kind to hair conditioner. Same problem again… my hair felt just like any ordinary shampoo…

Conclusion: All in all it’s a great shampoo that gives nice smooth silky hair. The best way is to use it by itself without any conditioner… for normal, greasy kind of hair. For dry hair maybe they could follow with conditioner of their choice. The tube says it right… ’Dry hair? Pick me up’.

Do I like it: Yes definitely. I am happy to have found a moisturising shampoo for my greasy scalp.

Will I re-purchase: Maybe… if I really want to pamper myself sometime… The price and the fact that I cannot combine it with any other product doesn’t make me say yes for this question.

Has anyone else used this shampoo ?

Update: This shampoo is not sulphate-free and silicone-free as I understand.

NOTD: Brown Forever

How much ever I try to resist myself I come back to brown.... :) :) :)... so here it is.. another brown nails....

I use the following to do this nails.... comprising my personal favourite 17 Nail Polish in 'Forever' ....

Its easy and I love it... It is very wearable in day-to-day... Do you guys like it?

Sleek Makeup Eau La La Liners...!!!

One more trip to superdrug and got these latest eye/lip pencils.... Sleek eau la la liners... Owing to my question 'can lip pencil and eye pencil be interchanged' in this post ... we have the answer from Sleek... and it is eau la la....

I got 3 shades...
1) BLUE MOON - which I thought would be more close to dark blue but it is teal color....
2) RED STAR NIGHT - this is not red.. its a pink :)
3) RAISIN - this was the only one that is as expected.. it is a burgundy kind of color....

Swatches below...

Ok the good news is ... They have great selection of shades and my first impression is they glide on smoothly....and they are truly SMUDGE PROOF... I could not move a bit when I tried to rub with my fingers on the swatches above after few minutes of application.....

the bad news is the BLUE MOON liner tip was broken when I opened it... It was hanging by the last bit... :(  I did the above swatch holding the small nib...

and more so tragic I am unable to get the liner out of the retractable pencil... I twisted with all my strength and energy but there is no change in the level of the color pencil inside the cover.... please advice what do I do....

UPDATE: Just realized it is not retractable, its just a pencil and a sharpner works ... :) :)

No.7 BB cream review

FInally I made my foray into BB creams with No.7 ... Details in this post....  I know it looks like I woke up after the whole world about BB creams… Truth is I am not really blessed with great skin so I am extra careful while experimenting… My order of experimentation would be…
Lipstick > eyeshadow > blush/bronzer > face wash > face mask > moisturizer > foundation
So my enthusiasm to experiment with something like a BB cream which is between moisturizer and foundation is really minimal on this scale….
But given the weather ahead I cannot do my entire foundation routine… so had to buy a BB cream..

The no.7 BB cream started off with lot of positives – classified according to skin types, shades in it. I would actually be a Oily/Combination so took the Normal/Oily one in medium. Swatches below –

                                                                                         Before blending

                                                                                      blending in progress...

                                                                  After blending completely
I have used it 3 times now and I am ready with a review…  because as you might guessed it by now it dint work for me… L In the swatches I have taken a lot to show you the consistency but in reality I have applied a very thin layer…
The cover says ‘ 1 simple step provides a flawless healthy complexion for a beautifully bare make-up look’… Although the cream is not exactly very thick, it is fairly pigmented… so it gave lot of coverage.. almost like a foundation… hence it looked like I was wearing a foundation… definitely not “bare make-up”… L
Looks like ,as sugested on product, it is truly meant for Normal skinned people with oily tendencies… so thanks to my oil control lotion I dint have to blot but it did look very heavy and I felt greasy underneath…
Pros -
1)      Claims designed for skin types – Normal/Oily, Normal/Dry, Dry/Very Dry
2)      there were 2 shades – light, medium available to choose from
3)      It has SPF 15
4)      Could substitute a light-to-medium coverage if it works for your skin

Cons –
1)      Not meant for oily skin at all
2)      Too heavy (for me, maybe)
3)      The shade does not work for all
4)      Looked cakey after sometime
5)      Made my skin break-out

As the cream has a color it does not adapt to your skin as such… so have to work carefully with the color.. in contrast to the idea of a quick application of a BB cream… If I have to hold a brush I would rather do my foundation…

And the tragic ending of having to clean-up the mess (pimples and white heads) makes it a straight NO from me for re-use.. forget purchase… So let us oily skinned beauties stay away from this BB cream….

Yet another time... I repeat... when a product fails to impress on me the search continues...

Dermalogica oily skin kit

I think the best way to start any new range of products is with a starter kit… So I have taken the Dermalogica kit.

The kit comes in following variants: Dry, Oily, Normal/Oily and Normal/Dry. I chose the Dermalogica Oily skin kit. I did think of the normal-oily kit but the oily kit has the oil control lotion which I need definitely. Here is the oily skin skit...

The kit contains -
Dermalogica Dermal Clay Cleanser (50 ml)
Dermalogica Multi-Active Toner (50 ml)
Dermalogica Oil Control Lotion (22 ml)
Dermalogica Skin Prep Scrub (22 ml)
Dermalogica Total Eye Care (4 ml)

And two samples were also provided with the kit -
Dermalogica Precleanse (sample)
Dermalogica Skin Refining Masque (sample)

All the products are pretty much clear from their name. ofcourse one needs a special mention… Pre-cleanse is deep cleansing water-soluble oil supposed to remove makeup and cleanse professionally…
The kit is available at:
Along with the order, other samples could be chosen…  So I chose the following samples:

Dermalogica C-12 concentrate: a silky rich, high potency treatment that brightens, helps treat cellular discolouration and improves skin clarity.
Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant: a unique, Rice-based enzyme powder that activates upon contact with water, releasing Papain, Salicylic Acid and Rice Enzymes to smooth the skin and accelerate cell renewal
Dermalogica Oil Free Matte Block SPF20:
I checked out at 2 other websites and samples were not being provided.. So if any of you is planning to buy any dermalogica products please proceed to
Right now I am using the body shop tea tree kit for blemishes… and I am wondering which one of the day or night routine should be replaced by this dermalogica kit. Suggestions please….
* product descriptions taken from pure-beauty website                                                                                             

NOTD: Clumsy color block nails

Hey lovelies....

these were my holiday nails.... little worn out in the pic ofcourse...

what do you think of these nails? which manicure should I try next?

Does white eyeliner widen eyes?

Today while packing I saw the white eye liner pencil and I got reminded of this post I wanted to write…
We have read/watched numerous tutorials showing usage of white eyeliner pencil in small eye makeup… some backup by the optical illusion theory… (its always nice to throw some jargon.. what say?).. But does white eyeliner really widen eyes?

Few years back I got the 17 white eyeliner pencil.. Although I felt it quite stupid, tried this theory….
I  think the few times I wore it.. I got saved from embarassment because…

1) the crowd around me were fairly under the impression that I am very stylish or
2) people genuinely believed I was trying the new eyeliner after my ink blue eyeliner..
3) thanks to my waterline.. nothing stays for more than couple of hours…

somehow I felt it was ridiculous and I stopped it myself… then started the search ,as always, after product fails to show its effect on me..

Finally I arrived at a conclusion that it’s the nude/flesh tone liner that gives a feeling that your eyes quite dint end yet (sounds silly but that what its supposed to be). . Now white is definitely not a nude eyeliner for brown skin… light browny biegy color with a more complex description would be a match… which nobody seemingly manufactures…

Amidst the invasion of color.. a ray of light is the Boots 17 having a ‘fawn’ lip liner… which is kind of beige color… but can you interchange an eye liner and lip liner? Yes .. no… may be… I am still working on that actually…. You will probably see a post soon…

Anyways getting back to the point this fawn liner definitely matches to brown skin tones… swatches below….

                                             17 lip liner in fawn

so here is the complete look …. Makeup for small eye….

1) Use a single nude eye shadow

2) Line the water line with nude eye pencil
3) Line the upper lash line with brown/black pencil; possibly till 3/4ths. Remember the part you darken shows the actual length so lining it in full leaves no scope for illusions.

4) Line the lower lash line with brown/grey whichever suits you (but not black)
5) Keep your mascara not too thick…

To go a little further…

2) Use a little glitter shadow to draw a half line on the lower lash line towards the outer end of eye
3) Use your highlighter eye shadow on the inner corner of your eye

Its important to keep the look as little dramatic as possible… I really dint see it work with a smokey eye or something like that as the whole attention is diverted to the drama instead of the detailing on the waterline …

Maybelline dream matte mousse Foundation review

A great man once said “what’s in a name?”…. that’s not true here… Maybelline dream matte mousse… everything is in the name… This post is my take on the highly rated foundation..
As you might see from my haul post (here), I liked it in the first look… the texture and the way it disappeared when I swatched it on my hand in the store. My skin is really weird… my face is darker than my body… for that matter my neck and my arms are lighter than my face. I first took ‘sand’, as I dreaded it was lighter for my face. To match, I could put up all sorts of techniques if it was a liquid foundation.. mix moisturizer, mix another foundation, use a tint.. what not… but this being a mousse foundation I dint want to risk. so I went back this time looked at all the shades carefully…
Despite the huge selection of shades in them, I failed to find a match… I ended up taking two shades… One was ‘022 NATURAL BEIGE’ and the other was ‘060 CARAMEL’ …. swatched below…

                                                              Swatch without flash

                                                           Swatch with flash

                                                              Swatch in day light

                                                Blended with the mixed shade that I wear..

(Apologies for the hairy hands… I am due for waxing)
The natural beige is my closest match but for occasions where my face gets darker and the fact that my exact shade is slightly darker than natural beige I took another dark shade… A darker + lighter shade = medium shade… that’s shown in the last pic in the box highlighted…
Okay as I really wrote an essay already in this post, lets get to point…
Pros –
1)      Packaging is real good. I cannot think of better way of presenting mousse foundation
2)      Matte finish foundation
3)      Really light. Doesnt feel like an added layer on skin like liquid foundation.

4)     Texture is as smooth as mousse - Thumbs up – does not need even a powder to finish
5)      Did not make me break out (most other foundations did)
Cons – (these are totally personal.. everybody might not feel them)
1)      Not very easy to blend (or I was not good at it.. )
2)      Light coverage, Does not cover pores
3)      My face feels oily/heavy after 6 hours  so not long-stay as such.. ofcourse the interesting part is I did not look greasy… I looked just more oxidized than morning but I felt heavy on my face..

Do I like it? Hmm.. Yes definitely… I have no major concerns. Although it doesn’t give me that ‘no-makeup’ look… the ultimate finish actually looked like a luminous veil..
On the whole I have mixed feelings about this …. I hope to continue using it.

What is your take on this foundation dears?

Another Haul: Holiday Shopping

With the weekend trip ahead, I had to go shopping you see… I tried to keep it to the minimal …
Ok why holiday shopping …  don’t I have these or any alternatives already? The answer is because When I shop, the world gets better, and the world is better, but then it's not, and I need to do it again as said by Rebecca Bloomwood in ‘Confessions of a shopohalic’(why are you smiling reading this? Got reminded of something… ;))

Anyways let me explain... (products from left to right)
No.7 Beautiful Skin BB cream Normal/oily – Previously when I went on trips except for those special dinners I used to dab compact powder on my sunscreen/moisturiser and rush… this time I wish to try a little more by adding a BB cream.. gotta see how it goes..
Johnsons baby oil – makeup cleanser, massage oil for relaxing end of day… and many more uses
Johnsons baby lotion - mild moisturiser for hand and body
Maybelline Instant Anti-age skin retexturising primer – To reinforce the BB cream, for my pores and lines... :D
17 shine control powder – was wondering if it will be as hot as last week so bought this.
Bourjois bronzer – The only color cosmetic of this sect
Simple kind to skin light moisturizer, Simple kind to skin refreshing facial wash gel, Simple kind to skin cleansing facial tissues  – tried and tested products to give an instant fresh face. this mini versions for my handbag during the trip
And theres next section....

simple kind to hair gentle care shampoo – this is a first timer… will use and tell you why I bought it ;)
Johnsons baby shampoo - for mild and frequent cleansing; when I have to wash 3 days consecutively 2 of the times will be with this…
Batiste dry shampoo – tried and tested way of washed-hair-look
John Freida FRIZZ-EASE 3-day staright semi-permanent styling spray – Post blow dry setting spray
Superdrug Anti-Frizz serum – see.. instead of going to a salon and splurging money for a blow dry I am doing it at home.
Superdrug Heat Defense spray – same as above
simple kind to hair gentle care conditioner – the right conditioner for greasy scalp; mildest I have known till date

Now starts the next task of packing…. Which I hope doesn’t unveil the need of more shopping ;)