About Me

Well... This is me... fun-loving, friendly and bla bla bla... dont wanna write all that.. coz is there anybody who isn't all that? ... we all are right?!

Ok now you know I am witty which probably not everybody is... :)
Anyways my beauty stats are -

Ethnicity: Indian
Hair: Black, Medium-Length, Greasy scalp
Eyes: Black colored, small, deep-set.. problem area: dark circles
Skin: Brown, Oily, break-out prone
Favourite Brands: MAC, Clinique, Neutrogena, Simple

My mission statement would be: healthy glowing skin.

I do not really want to do a 'dramatic' look anyday except for halloween or walking the ramp :D (NOM to anybody) ofcourse I would really love to actually do a colorful (read funky) or extravagant (read gawdy) look in the most subtle and admirable way.. so it is all about looking natural.. may or may not be neutral...

UPDATE: I am a full-time blogger now... :):):)