The Body Shop Elderflower Unperfumed Eye Gel

Somehow most eye creams sting on my eyes…. there's some ingredient that my eyes are sensitive to probably. Boots cucumber eye gel dint have that ingredient I believe… So I was happy using it. I just wanted to try some other eye gel. If something went wrong I could always go back to my Boots gel. Hence comes into picture – ‘The Body Shop Elder flower unperfumed eye gel’.


Actually the SA has suggested this product looking at my dark circles. Although this clearly indicates as cooling gel and does not claim anything potent. This eye gel did not reduce my dark circles which I ofcourse don’t expect of any product not just this; as mine are hereditary and partially professional hazard.  This product did what I expected it to do. Its not a miraculous product if you are wondering…

Speaking of the packaging it is a small jar which might not be very hygenic... I know most people dont like that dipping in fingers... but I managed. The pot contains 15 ml and lasts quite long...

Being a gel it is quick absorbed. This definitely cools off and locks the skin in the area of application. So in mornings I apply it under my concealer although I have to say something creamy is more suggested for easy blending. In the evenings I sometimes used to apply vitamin E oil and then follow with this gel to prevent the oiliness from creeping down my cheeks.

This is a relaxing eye gel. The cooling effect of the eye gel is felt only the first few times… my eyes watered the first time and I kind of felt the release of heat from them. I think eyes get used to it after sometime so you don’t realize it specifically. Also I put a thick layer of this gel as a mask on my eyes when they are tired and it really helps. If not for anything this eye gel is definitely useful as an eye mask. All in all this gel perfectly serves my purpose.

Has anyone else used this gel? please suggest a good eye cream that could help dark circles...

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