Can't live without: Neutrogena Visibly Clear face wash

Last Thursday I started packing for the weekend trip and like always I started with an idea of packing light… Do I always pack light? No sweetheart… the idea of packing light has always been there… :D

Anyways this time I took it seriously…  I started packing toiletries. In my holiday shopping (I wrote a post in April), I bought the travel size simple face wash. Last time I took that Simple gel instead of my usual Neutrogena visibly clear facewash with me.

No doubts Simple face wash is mild, feels refreshing after wash but then there was something missing… I dint feel disinfected, if that makes any sense to you guys… the feeling you get after an astringent toner, tea tree oil…. Its like re-assuring yourself ‘your-skin-is- safe’…

So I had to buy Neutrogena visibly clear facewash and have a wash that night to feel skin care is ‘complete’… I was so glad that my Holy Grail cleanser is not a Dermalogica or Liz Earle  otherwise I wouldn’t have known which place to run to in that village I was staying… while I got that Neutrogena from ASDA…

As seen in the swatch above, it is a thick white water-based cream and applies like a cream…  The face wash as indicated is 2-in-1… its easy to use.. you could use it in shower as a face wash or as a mask once a week… It feels a tiny tingling /cooling sensation when applied and after the wash skin feels clean and fresh…  OK I confess it does feel like it strips off the oils but I actually like it… after enjoying that bare-skin feeling for few minutes I follow with a toner (usually a tea tree one) and my Simple moisturizer for best results… In the first few months of using this facewash I could see clear difference in my skin… indeed visibly clear… less spots, less blemishes.. I know it sounds unconvincing that a facewash that stays on the face for about 30 seconds can make blemishes disappear more than some creams that stay overnight. But it works..… it’s the post-usage impact of the wash that helps the blemishes I think…

L to R: Neutrogena visibly clear gentle exfoliating wash, Neutrogena visibly clear 2-in-1 wash and mask

I have used the Neutrogena visibly clear facewash for over 2 years now. Although this brand is available in many countries, this facewash is not available in India or Singapore or US…. Since 2010 I have carried it to all places I have been to; my UK friends brought it for me whenever (and wherever) they visited me

Lately I have been using the Neutrogena visibly clear gentle exfoliating face wash as a wash and the 2-in-1 as a mask…. If you are someone who doesn’t like the ultra cooling effect and the stripping of oils of the visibly clear 2-in-1 then try the exfoliating version… its really mild exfoliation… the particles are soft and not dense at all in the wash… and the overall affect feels just as good as the mask..

Hence I hereby present my ‘cant-live-without’ cleanser – Neutrogena visibly clear facewash. Perfect for the much awaited summer ahead…  (honestly I am tired of these rains… Is this summer as taught to me in geography class???!!!)


roxana said...

i tried most of neutrogena skincare and it never agreed with me..i heard so many good things about the wash/mask and it irritated me..then i tried it again after few months..i really really wanted to like it and i couldnt :( x

Divi said...

Oh dear... thats so bad... Did you try to find out if there was a particular ingredient that did not suit you in the face wash?

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