Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream

Maybelline as a brand has always been hit with me so I was really waiting for this BB cream to release.  As early as I could, I picked up the Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream in Medium. I have used it multiple times and here’s my detailed review…

Lets look at the claims and what I have to say -
• Protects with SPF 30: Yes. It has an SPF so it must be protecting from sun.
• Oil free, non greasy: Yes. This is 100% correct. Although I have had a failure with No.7 BB cream which was exclusively meant for oily skin (Read full review here), the Maybelline dream fresh is ideal for oily/combination skins. J
• Imperfections look blurred: Yes. This BB cream is very pigmented (more than the No.7 one). So it is like a toned down version of foundation in coverage.
• A natural looking glow: Hmmm… I don’t quite know what to say. I did look made-up but definitely better than the look of foundation.
• Fresh feel: Yes… I know this sounds quite like an ad… but the feeling is true. It felt non-greasy which is fresh J
• Compliments skin tone: Ok.. now we got a problem… As the BB cream is highly pigmented it does not really disappear into the skin like a simple moisturizer, the tint shows on the skin so if the shade does not match you well then it might not complement the skin tone.
• Skin looks smooth: Yes. As I said, this works like light coverage foundation.
• Hydrates: Ok now I have oily skin so I can’t comment of how hydrating it was. But it was definitely not drying.

The shade range is the bane. I thought ‘medium’ would be a match to my NC42 skin but the BB cream oxidized on me to almost NC45 L which was quite dark. Then I tried light, no luck. I am in between the shades ‘Light’ and ‘medium’. As seen in the swatches, the BB cream seems to have pink undertones.
It is not really long-wearing. After 4 hours I could see it almost disappeared. Ofcourse I did not use a primer because my idea was an all-in-one cream for on-the-go. Maybe primer would make it better.
I would not suggest using it as a foundation primer as the Maybelline BB cream in itself is very pigmented. It might work well under powder foundations for better coverage.
Conclusion: This BB cream is definitely good. Oily skinned people can be also look at it as it is non-greasy and did not break me out…JJJ . I am glad I found a BB cream and I am hoping I would be able to use the BB cream in light in winter.
Has anybody else used this BB cream? Or any other BB cream suggestions for me?


Lea said...

I keep bypassing this in Superdrug and thinking that one day I should try it, maybe now I'll give it a go!

Lea x

Kristy said...

Good review! I agree with you that this is good for oily skin :) x

Anonymous said...

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