Revlon Colorstay Eyeliner (Navy)

Revlon Colorstay Eyeliner in Navy is my latest obsession. Since my sleek pencils post (here) I have been looking for a dark blue eyeliner... I picked this up for the shade.

My expectation from eyeliner is easy to apply, smudge-proof, water-proof, long stay ( it feels odd to transform from faded eyeliner to fresh/dark eyeliner during lunch break ). Yap.. that seems to pretty much cover all one can ask for under the sun from an eyeliner :)

Now this eye liner put to test...

Packaging is convenient... retractable with tight cap. I have been going around with this in my handbag and no tragedies like breaking of the pencil or misplacement of cap.

Coming to the product... the shade is exactly what I have been looking for.... no glitter... not light and not dark but more like Navy blue. I have to say that the pigmentation is not good enough.. I do 2 coats of this to get the desired color and the swatch shows 3 layers of application...

It is truly smudge-proof, when I apply over my oily lids (with a primer) it doesnt move all day. It is water-proof. At the end of the day I use oil-based makeup remover to clean it. But like almost all long-stay eyeliners from UD to Sleek, even the revlon colorstay eyeliner fails to stay on my waterline. I have really watery eyes and irrespective of the weather conditions I end up with panda eyes even staying indoors.... :)

- smudge proof, water proof, very good to wear for 8 hours
- problem free packaging
- retractable pencil is convinient to use. comes with a little sharpner in the end.
- No warming is required

- Not pigmented enough for me. I apply 2 coats.
- gets little weird sometimes... the eyeliner gets kind of powdery.

Conclusion: It is a great eye liner in all aspects and everybody should give it a go. Despite my watery eyes not keeping it in place this is my new favourite eyeliner.

Has anyone else used this shade of this eyeliner? Also please recommend eyeliners that could stay on waterline.


Lea said...

Thanks for the review, I love a bit of well placed blue eyeliner!

Lea x

xKirstxBx said...

I love eyeliner but I always go for Loreal ones! Do you know of any good white ones? Im on the look out for one! xox

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Divi said...

@xKirstxBx... Thanks for your comment. RIMMEL white eyeliner is very good among the ones I know. Its not the odd white shade but very subtle and nice.

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