MUA Lip Boom - Bring It (Swatches & Review)

If you have read my previous posts you know I have been waiting for MUA Lip Booms. I could not get them in Oxford Superdrug so picked 'em when I went to Milton Keynes. I got the MUA Lip Boom in the shade 'Bring It'.


The packaging is attractive with the covering around the lipstick. But the outer packaging of the actual lipstick is not great - owing it to the low price I guess.

The shade 'Bring It' is a maroony red. A good red shade that matches most skin tones well. The gloss is pinky red with big chunks of glitter. Th gloss was not to my taste but I used the lipstick and the shade lasted a good 4 hrs on me without any touch-ups. Not sure for other shades though.

                                                    MUA liptsick Bring It swatches
                                     L to R: lipstick and gloss side-by-side,
                                      lipstick with gloss on half of it,
                         close-up of lipstick with and without gloss and gloss alone

- Good Matte lipstick (without gloss) and long-lasting.
- highly pigemented, not sure if its with just this shade
- Quite inexpensive
- Good color range (waiting to try others)

- The gloss is too much glittery
- The packaging is plastic-ky

Conclusion: The MUA lip boom definitely reached the expectations, for all the hype surrounding it. Good shade range, decent lasting power and price will make this best-selling soon.

So those were my thoughts. Do share yours in the comments below. :) I am sure some of you have used the MUA Lip Boom. Please suggest other shades I should buy.


Lea said...

I do like the shade you chose, I'd love to try it :) x

Lea x

Joyce said...

I like this color. Looks bright :)

keep in touch :)

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Kristy said...

I might try this. I like MUA make-up cause it is cheap and good quality for what you are paying for. thanks! x

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