Review: Dermalogica Oily Skin Kit

I had completed using the Dermalogica Oily Skin Kit sometime back and almost forgot to about the review. For pictures and details of the kit, please read my previous blog post here and the review now:

Dermal clay Cleanser
From the name somehow I was expecting a clay-based kind of thing to come out of the tube.. silly me…  actually it is a thin white liquid. The smell is definitely strong – minty, tea tree kind of. When I put it on my face, it felt little more tingling sensation than a minty cleanser would. It is quite liquidy so very easy to work with. It leaves the skin fresh and dry. Be careful not to get into the eyes and it has been advised to use pre-cleanse before this cleanser.

Multi Active Toner
I stuck to tea tree toners mostly till now (from Lush, Bodyshop). This one was little less tea tree/astringent feeling but almost did the same job as a tea tree toner would do. This has done the job of rebalancing my skin after the cleanser. Thumbs up!

Oil Control Lotion
The lotion is clear light liquid which is absorbed into skin immediately on application. It did not leave any mattifying effect but definitely has done its job right. I might replace my MAC oil control lotion with this one next.

This was the first product I tried on. This smelt salicylic acid + citric acid. The texture is grainy powder. Unfortunately my skin bombed on using this. I had eruptions all over my face and took almost a week to cure. I was wondering if one usage could make such impact, imagine what it would have been if it was a positive reaction… sad that I had a negative reaction.
Pre-cleanse (sample) 
This one I find it certainly interesting – the washable oil. Pre-cleanse is a light oil and has a herbal /aromatherapy kind of smell. I don’t really use it for makeup removal coz I cant stand the idea of massaging makeup all over my face, feels like sure shot way to block my pores and break out. So I clean my makeup with a usual makeup remover or a wipe and then pamper myself with a nice massage using the pre-cleanse. It does leave a slight sticky oily feeling  but then the smell wins me over. I would love to try more cleansing oils next.

Skin Refining Masque (sample) 
This felt like just an extension of the cleanser. It has the same look and feel. It is a white cream that applies onto skin wet… While on, gives a tingling sensation and the freshness after washing like most tea tree masks would. No fireworks here.
Skin Prep Scrub
This is the gem of this kit. Due to large pores on my cheeks, I am extra careful in exfoliation and not many scrub products impress me… Dermalogica skin prep scrub has toothpaste like consistency and fine grainy texture – enough to exfoliate without harsh rubbing. The scrub is very easy to work with and the whole experience of exfoliating with this scrub felt divine, I would say.
Total Eye care
I am not being pessimistic when I say my dark circles wouldn’t go.. its simple.. they are hereditary. I end up using eye creams for cooling/moisturizing my eye area. Due to my oily skin I stuck to eye gels mostly. Dermalogica Total eye care is a nice eye cream – non-greasy, easily absorbed. It felt like water-based and dint creep down my cheeks. I have worn it under make-up as well I did not notice any extra creasing because of this. It definitely moisturised the eye area better than the usual drugstore eye creams that I tend to use.
Re-purchase From the kit…
Cleanser – No
Toner - Yes
Scrub – Yes, yes, yes
Oil control lotion – Yes
Total Eye Care – Maybe

From the samples…
Pre-cleanse – Yes
Skin Refining Masque – No
Microfoliant - No

Conclusion: The kit is a great way to determine which of the Dermalogica products do you want to buy in full size.. Ok… My result is more number of ‘No’s  is very personalized… I am sure it will be different for different people. On the whole this kit is worth a try without doubt and is definitely worth the money!
P.S. Needless to mention my review is not biased in any way and am not affiliated to any company although that would not affect my review J


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