19 Beauty Tips

We all know a lot of household tips for beauty/skin care. I just thought I will put my little collection here for easy reference… Here it goes..
1) Milk is a wonderful cleanser - use it as an alternative to your cleansing lotion on those odd days or give yourself a bath in milk for that smooth skin
2) Honey could act as mild bleach ... just apply a thin layer of honey on your face and wash off in 20 mins. ** Careful to not let it touch your hairline.. it might change the color there as well**
3) Ground cinnamon with honey is one of the best known treatments for pimples/acne. Make a thick paste of the two.. apply it on the pimple and sleep overnight. if not the pimple atleast the redness would be gone by next day.
4) Scrub your lips with a thin paste of crystalline sugar mixed with water.
5) Just like cucumber rings, potato rings can be used on eyes. They help reduce darkness.
6) Baking soda works. Make a paste with water and rub it onto your teeth for whitening or rub it onto your elbows to make them smoother or your underarms.
7) Tomato, Orange and Lemon are all natural bleach but ***NEVER EVER*** apply directly onto skin. That is too strong an acid for the skin. Mix it as part of a pack.
8) Powdered oatmeal with yogurt is a real quick face pack for oily skin.
9) Like your face give the hands and feet that extra care some time.. Apply the regular mud pack to your feet and hands as part of pedicure/manicure.
10) Mix olive and coconut oil (if possible have them little warm) and apply it to your scalp. Let it soak for about two hours and then take a head bath. Hair would feel smoother.
11) Fenugreek powder with yougurt is a great fix for dandruff. Apply it as a pack to your hair and wash off in 20 mins. Follow with a normal wash. *** Careful if you have sinusitis/breathing problems. This pack cools down the body which could lead to cold and cough ***
12) Tea leaf is a good hair conditioner especially for oily hair... it gives a shine on the hair. Dip the tea bags in hot water, after the black tea is ready.. cool it and rinse hair with this as the last step of your hair wash. Do not rinse with water after this.
13) Rose water used in food preparation is a great toner for skin and can be used in all the face packs for dry skin.
14) Scrub your lips with toothbrush to remove dead skin.. this is known. Do not use a hard tooth brush softly (gently) on your lips for this instead use a soft brush and scrub hard (thoroughly)
15) Using baby powder or dry shampoo on your hair leaves behind a whole lot of residue.. wash your hair the next day after the use. Otherwise this could lead to dandruff.
16) After a hot shower or steam bath, do not start with the makeup or even body lotion immediately. Allow to cool or give yourself a cold compression by with towel dipped in cold water if required. Otherwise the products might enter the pores of your skin.
17) To wipe your face after a wash with a towel DO Not rub over the face just press/dab the towel on the wet areas.
18) Always massage your face (even during makeup application routine) upwards with the finger tips.
19) Remember to sterilize everything that comes near your face… Loofah, foot scraper, body scrubber , makeup brushes and even your mobile phone.
Comments/Additions are welcome…


ayesha x said...

Wow, those are some great tips! I have one additional tip which I randomly remember! When you apply products such as eye creams and concealer near your under eye area, use your ring finger as it applies the least amount of pressure :).
Ayesha xxx

Anusha Outfitter said...

Great tips! :)

And you're right about the fenugreek hair pack, I have sinus, and it makes it worse.


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