Clinique Moisture surge review

Clinique Moisture surge… the ‘IT’ moisturizer.. thanks to COSMOPOLITAN magazine I say. So I had my chance to grab one of these… and as always Clinique did not disappoint me..
To start with, the tube looked like this..

And the gel in the tube looks like this.... I swatched on my hand a tiny bit

The name ‘moisture surge extended thirst relief’ scared me first. Cant afford to drench my oily skin in moisture you see and then comes the smart phrase ‘gel-crème désaltérant’ and that’s exactly what it is. It’s a real beautiful creamy-looking gel.
It is very light, non-greasy and has matte finish. My skin absorbed the product within seconds.. it almost disappeared. It makes skin feel supple after the application. The smell was not great but then did not really bother me much. Being a gel did not mean I had to take a 10 ml.. I actually needed very little for my entire face and neck. I continued my makeup as usual and no particular magic here but then at the very least I did not break out. Overall it’s a great product for oily skin.
1)      It is a non-greasy gel
2)      It is very light and absorbed easily
3)      It left a soft smooth feeling after absorption.
4)      Small amount is sufficient.

Cons: practically none but then if you dig too deep…
1)      Non-scented. Not a pleasing smell
2)      Not a wonderful make-up base or anything like that. Just any other oil-fee moisturizer when worn with wakeup although Clinique moisture surge by itself is a very light product.
3)      Ofcourse expensive by default.

Would I re-purchase: Ah.. I want to say ‘No’ owing to my mission statement (remember I will use inexpensive drugstore products)... but if I happen to pass by a Clinique counter then YES I would ;)

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Emma D said...

Oohh I saw this and was going to buy it for the Clinique lipgloss lol! But this sounds so nice, my skin defs needs extra moisture but it sounds very non-greasy and nice! x

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