Review: Alida of London Facial Hair Remover

Facial hair is yet another problem girls have, which has numerous solutions but not sure which one works… So I was in search of yet another hair remover for the tiny hair below lower lip and I stumbled across the ‘Alida of London facial hair remover’.
On the package it is mentioned: gently removes hair leaving your skin velvety smooth.

There were strips in the pack which has hard surface on one side and a provision to stick on the other side. The strip (pink one) is to be placed onto the holder.. the picture shows an arrow pointing to the holder with a strip on it. To remove hair gently rub in circular motion. Basically the idea is to use friction or exfoliate using the hard surface to get the hair out.
Well getting to the point of review, this really did not work for me. At first I thought I was not doing it right. So I took a break of 10 mins and tried again. But no use. Infact my skin became red due to the rubbing and developed a burning sensation and I stopped there.
My verdict: Alida facial hair remover is irritating and did not work.

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