Haul: Maybelline, RIMMEL, Simple et al

Hey everybody… its haul time… this is a mixture of skin care and makeup… and the products are –
Ecotools bamboo powder brush, Ecotools bamboo foundation brush:  All the brushes I have so far are synthetic and I was going good with them. Thought I will try the bamboo brushes. So bought the basic foundation brush and powder bush.
Garnier Anti-dark circles roll-on: This was recommended by my brother.. wonder if anything can change the hereditary dark circles but then nothing wrong in giving it a try.. what say?
Simple kind-to-skin cleansing lotion: Simple is one of the best brands for oily problematic skin. I have been using their moisturizer so despite the fact that I don’t need it I picked up the cleansing lotion :D
Simple kind-to-skin eye makeup remover: This one looked water-like and any product with that consistency attracts me… J funny but fact.. So got this hopefully mild make-up remover.. gotta see how it works.
Maybelline volum’express mascara the One-by-One: I have been wanting to try this one for sometime now. As I mentioned in my makeup kit  I am not into those thick brushed mascaras… but I liked the little bristles on this brush so picked it up.
Burt’s Bees lip balm: My all-time favourite. I will write a post on this soon to tell you why..
Boots 17 Nail base coat: This is a first-timer. The bottle appears baby pink like the ones in the French nail polish kits.. indeed attractive.
Soap and Glory Kick Ass concealer: I actually went shopping to buy this.. a concealer. Ofcourse I added a few more :D… Sticking to my motto I wanted to try the drugstore concealer first.. so I got this one. Will post a review soon.
RIMMEL Stay Matte pressed powder: One of my favorite drugstore brands.. How could I not get something from them.. So got the super-hit pressed powder.
Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Foundation ( 030 Sand): I have never tried a mousse foundation so far and this Maybelline dream matte is very attractive in the pot that was put for trying on... really mousse like…  ofcourse looks like I woke-up very late so not all shades were available in the store… I just picked this shade ‘030 Sand’. On my hand it was rather shiny but I hoped on my face it would look fine… I would post my review on this one as well soon.
Boots 17 top coat: A base coat cannot come alone you see… so the top coat.
RIMMEL Lipstick Lock: My obsession with longstay lipsticks limits the choice of colors I can wear… I wanted to make the normal lipsticks stay long hence I got the RIMMEL Lipstick lock. I have no idea absolutely what it is like… just a blind pick.
Maybelliner superstay 24 hr Lipstick (Rose Dust): I already called myself obsessed.. so long-stay lipstick has-to-be there and its different brand Maybelline this time. BTW in this kind I have tried Loreal, Revlon and No.7 brands so far. I am a brown person and normally don’t wear pink on my lips but this shade ‘Rose Dust’ is really a sweet pinky..
RIMMEL exaggerate eye liner (Black) : I took this RIMMEL liner instead of the usual kohl pencil because of the water-proof claim. I told you already the water-line of my eye can ‘eat’ eye-liners .. So I really hope that it is not merely ‘exaggarte’d.. (Pun intended ;)
Oh that’s it… ?? yeah I guess.. that’s it for now… keep looking for my first impressions, reviews… ciao!

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