My skin care routine

Skin Care routine – seems a big term eh… All of us do it actually… Cleanse tone moistuirse… Even splashing water on your face before you sleep is a routine.. Isn’t it? Its part-cleansing , we could say :D Anyways so my routine is this…
My morning routine..
Mornings are very simple coz I am in a rush always… (bcoz I don’t get up early except for my yoga course).

Nivea cleansing lotion – I dab it onto a cotton wool , apply it to my face… count to 30.. just kidding.. ;).. wait for a minute… take a wet cotton piece and wipe it off. Generally there is very little or no dirt coz its morning…

 Neutrogena Visibly Clear 2 in 1 Wash and Mask – I just wash thoroughly with this face wash and I am done.  
No toning No exfoliation.. Ok next…. I am in front of the mirror… Moisturize with ‘Simple’ moisturizer and the rest follows…


The night routine….
Revlon Colorstay eye and lip makeup remover- I wipe all my make-up with this. Most of the days I don’t have foundation on my skin.. its only lips and eyes that I have to concentrate. This one is a greasy product unlike all my other products which are oil-free, that’s because I use long-stay products and I need something strong to get it off my skin.
Nivea cleansing lotion – Again I do the cleansing with this just like morning.
Neutrogena Visibly Clear 2 in 1 Wash and Mask – Now the mask. I apply a thin layer of this and wait for 5 minutes.. I love that tingling sensation it gives… it makes me feel its working on my skin… and wash it off to discover a fresh face..
Neutrogena Visibly Clear Cleansing Scrub – I do not exfoliate everyday but ATLEAST twice a week. This product is also Neutrogena Visibly Clear series. I take little of this product and scrub my face and the end.
I do not put any night-creams or moisturizers in the night. I believe we could start it from 30 onwards…  or whenever you see your skin changes to the drier side. I know it for a fact that it happens with age.. the oily-est, acne-prone skin of teens changes to ‘oily’ in 20s and then a little more in 30s.
  • I wash my face with water or atleast wipe with a wet tissue during the day. So in all my face gets washed -  morning – post lunch – evening – night –four times.
  • In winters I generally do olive-oil cleansing once-a-week.
  • I have face steamer at home and in rare occasions I take steam followed by cold compression
  • I put mud face pack atleast once a month.. its good if you could do once a week.
  • I dab astringent on problem areas of my face whenever I see a disaster-on-the-way
My die-hard rules:
1)      I never sleep with make-up on, even the tiniest bit…. even on the latest of the latest nights I make sure I clean my face properly.
2)      I drink 6-8 glasses of water regularly.. there were times when I had 4-hrly reminders on my mobile.
Do tell me your face routine and products used…

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