My 'Imperfect' makeup kit: MAC , Loreal

Make-up for oily skin is difficult and the chance to experiment is little as the side-effects could be even more difficult to handle. I want to start off by telling you people what’s in my makeup kit... and my opinions/mini reviews on the products. I have been using all these products for about an year now and my perspective for this review is more natural/neutral look...
1. MAC oil control lotion
This has been my basic moisturizer/primer/mattifier... Maybe I am supposed to put 3 different products for it but I cant.. I just feel it’s too many layers on my face. This one is in my staples... I have stuck to the oil-control moisturizer of MAC last few years.
Verdict:  thumbs-up! This product works as it says.

2. L’Oreal foundation
Oily skin and foundation.. Never ending story... what works for someone doesn’t work for another... so here’s my foundation tale. I tried REVLON colorstay which suited many but alas! not Divi.. good coverage, great looking but I had break outs and I had to work harder to get back to normal. When drugstore does not work, go beyond drugstore... so run to MAC studio finish. Again applauded by many. By far the best foundation. Wonderful coverage no break outs but then it feels heavy on my face and I take a lot of time to apply coz its really thick. So need for faster application gives way to Loreal Roll' On true match in N4 Beige.

Verdict: It is really easy to apply with the roll-on stick given and then I blend it a little with a soft sponge... but I look 'made-up’ and it does not stay long. Good for quicker and shorter occassions.

3. MAC groundwork paint pot
I have deep set eyes with heavy dark circles. So I have to spend time on my eye makeup starting with this as primer. This has also been one of my staples.

Verdict:  Its good. Does not crease. Nice color. but pickup a brush and blend carefully.

4. Loreal Touche Magique concealer
Under-eye dark circles are a monster, a prince (I mean product) will curb them is all I am waitinga for. I have tried concealers in the form of stick / lotion / powder. Nothing covered the looking natural way. Everything makes it obvious that I am working on my dark circles.
Verdict: For now due to the factors of ease of application and shade match, I am stuck to Loreal.
Not content. This one is changing soon.

5. Loreal true match mineral foundation
This is kind of my compact powder. It acts as a second layer of foundation as well as finishing powder.
Verdict:  Light coverage even as finishing powder. Tougher to apply with that little brush.

6. MAC eyeliner pencil
I use this eye pencil on my waterline it, doesn’t smudge but my eye 'eats it off' in sometime and then I need a re-application. It is just what any decent eye pencil would do probably.
Nothing on top of lid on a daily basis except for some party looks.

7. Boots 17 waterproof mascara
I think mascara is the most obvious thing that tells people you have make-up on you – the super color and long lashes aren’t natural to many people… so my mascara is pretty basic. I use it to separate lashes and kind of brush them a bit. 
Verdict: This mascara is not waterproof. No great brush. Just normal mascara.

8. L’Oreal Infalliable lip stick/ Clinique Butter Shine lipstick
I do not really like the fact that I have to keep checking my makeup. Could not help it with the foundation atleast wanna save re-apply my lipstick. So thanks to longstay series of various brands. Again I have tried quite a few here and the one I use is Loreal Infalliable lip compact in Golden sierra.
Verdict: Nice color. Truly Long-stay.  ofcourse dries your lips. Trust me on this one.. longstay = drier lips.
but have to manage with good lip balms.

On days I don’t feel like wearing this I go for Clinique Rum Kiss. Verdict: Smoothest possible lipstick. Glides on lips. Beautiful color. Great finish. But not long-lasting needs multiple re-applications in a day even without eating/drinking anything.

So my makeup kit is a MAC + Loreal hijack..
This post says imperfect makeup kit because I am still not completely happy about my makeup kit as you gather from my verdict about the products and I have just started working on new makeup kit with the following needs -

1) more economical drustore brands - this is my prime motto.
2) focussed mattifying + longstay - be it compact or foundation or loose powder.
3) lighter and faster-to-apply product on my lid to do the job instead of paint pot.

Please pour in your suggestions in the comments below on what I could buy next and keep looking for a haul soon...

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