Facial cleansing tools: brush or cloth

There was a time when cleansing the face meant washing with a ‘face wash’ (instead of body wash or soap) and then came the time of specific cleansing milk/lotion. Then deep pore cleansing… exfoliation... ah will this list end?
Like all the above... there emerges a trend of using tools to cleanse the face instead of hand  I remember few years back I got an automatic massager kind of thing from Singapore which had a kind of vibrating head and you could change one of the 3 attachments… one was the massage attachment, two was a sponge attachment (could not get the purpose still) and the other was a soft brush attachment. Essentially after applying a cream/gel/scrub on the face, this brush attachment could be used for cleansing, exfoliation and massage purposes .. all in one.. bliss.… but to my great disappointment my beautician then advised me to stop using it L

The reason she has given was: Imagine your face as a smooth canvas so anything harder than human skin would draw fine lines on the skin.. so bristles of this brush being definitely harder than skin are harsh on the face.. I felt this quite logical… after all our facial skin is very soft and extremely sensitive. Since then I refrained from using any sort of tools on my face… except for makeup brushes ofcourse.
Now I see the struggle returns…. Forget clarisonic… owing to the heavy price tag its not a household item yet… but then there are these face brushes and various scrubbers with natural fibre and what not around… I am confused… and then there is the muslin cloth of hot cloth cleanser…. And so many people writing wonderful reviews … I am really tempted to start using a facial brush… what do you say people?? Tell me your take on this…

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