Body Lotion Review: Dove, Nivea etc..

Body Lotions are the basic stuff that almost everybody uses everyday. So I thought let my first ever review post be on body lotions. These body lotions/creams are the ones that I have used since December. I have combined the lotion + cream variety for this review ... I know each of them are for different purposes but then I want to give my opinion to help on which one to choose when you stand in front of the aisle for a moisturiser for your body. In this review I would rank them in the descending order based on various parameters.
And the contestants are:
Nivea lotion light moisturizing and cleaning
Dove silky body cream
Vaseline essential moisture clean feeling lotion
 Johnson’s 24 hours Mositure  Body Cream
Just Desserts body custard vanilla
Fragrance –
I prefer body lotion/cream to have a mild and pleasant fragrance. I do not personally like the drugstore smelling ones or the strong fruity ones. So my ranking for fragrance is as follows: Just desserts > Dove > Vaseline > Nivea > Johnson
Consistency –
As I have both creams and lotions to compare together, consistency is one another point of comparision. Apparently creams are thicker than lotion, my ranking for the consistency of each one of these: Johnson’s > Dove > Just Desserts > Vaseline > Nivea
Ease of application –
It is not always true that you can just dab on a lotion while a cream is tougher to sink in... The lotion that was dabbed might not cover fully or provide the right amount of protection. By ease of application I mean how comfortably I was able to apply each one of these creams while having the right effect on skin. My rating is: Vaseline > Nivea > Just Desserts > Dove > Johnsons
Dryness control –
This is the most important factor coz its like the basic job of body lotion and my ranking on this: Dove > Johnson > Vaseline > Just Desserts > Nivea
Price –
Dove (300 ml - 5.49)
Vaseline (400 ml - 4.69)
Johnson (200 ml - 3.05)
Just Desserts (250ml - 2.99)
Nivea (250 ml - 2.59)

Depending upon the factors that matter to oneself, the choice of winner among these can be made. For example a good bet on fragrance + economics would be Just Desserts while fragrance with Dryness control would be Dove…
So tell me about your body lotion…


Anika said...

Nivea creams never fail in my opinion. Great start to your blog I have started to follow you, show some girl power support lol

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Miss Iffa said...

I recently stumbled across your blog and I LOVE it! I love the layout to the content and everything in between! I am your newest, most avid follower.


Divi said...

Thanks Anika.. BTW you have a great blog :)

Divi said...

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