Another Haul: Holiday Shopping

With the weekend trip ahead, I had to go shopping you see… I tried to keep it to the minimal …
Ok why holiday shopping …  don’t I have these or any alternatives already? The answer is because When I shop, the world gets better, and the world is better, but then it's not, and I need to do it again as said by Rebecca Bloomwood in ‘Confessions of a shopohalic’(why are you smiling reading this? Got reminded of something… ;))

Anyways let me explain... (products from left to right)
No.7 Beautiful Skin BB cream Normal/oily – Previously when I went on trips except for those special dinners I used to dab compact powder on my sunscreen/moisturiser and rush… this time I wish to try a little more by adding a BB cream.. gotta see how it goes..
Johnsons baby oil – makeup cleanser, massage oil for relaxing end of day… and many more uses
Johnsons baby lotion - mild moisturiser for hand and body
Maybelline Instant Anti-age skin retexturising primer – To reinforce the BB cream, for my pores and lines... :D
17 shine control powder – was wondering if it will be as hot as last week so bought this.
Bourjois bronzer – The only color cosmetic of this sect
Simple kind to skin light moisturizer, Simple kind to skin refreshing facial wash gel, Simple kind to skin cleansing facial tissues  – tried and tested products to give an instant fresh face. this mini versions for my handbag during the trip
And theres next section....

simple kind to hair gentle care shampoo – this is a first timer… will use and tell you why I bought it ;)
Johnsons baby shampoo - for mild and frequent cleansing; when I have to wash 3 days consecutively 2 of the times will be with this…
Batiste dry shampoo – tried and tested way of washed-hair-look
John Freida FRIZZ-EASE 3-day staright semi-permanent styling spray – Post blow dry setting spray
Superdrug Anti-Frizz serum – see.. instead of going to a salon and splurging money for a blow dry I am doing it at home.
Superdrug Heat Defense spray – same as above
simple kind to hair gentle care conditioner – the right conditioner for greasy scalp; mildest I have known till date

Now starts the next task of packing…. Which I hope doesn’t unveil the need of more shopping ;)


Rohini said...

These are good staples to have...I actually was smiling when I read that quote! Ha! x

Divi said...

caught you.. ;)...

Laura said...

Beautiful and very inspiring posts on your blog! Would you like to follow each other?

Divi said...

Thanks for the compliment... Yap sure..loved your outfiits... added to your followers... :)


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