MAC powder puff dupe

The evolution of powder applicators .... There were powder puffs (atleast in India) ... then there were brushes... then there were sponges..... Now the latest is powder puff.. with branding from MAC, Benefit etc... :) :) :)
MAC powder puff retails at 5.50 and compact powder puff (2 pieces) at 3.50…. while the dirty works powder puff is currently on an offer at 49 p and satin puffs are 79 p.. Yes I typed it correct… Got mine from Sainsburys… they are 1.28 as against MAC applicators costing 9 pounds….
I don’t know if I could call it a bargain yet, given the branding and wide usage of MAC powder puffs but definitely Dirty works puffs deserve a try…. these are atleast look-alike and feel-alikes if not exact dupes.... :D ... Go grab one if you feel like…

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