Percy and Reed shampoo review

Percy and Reed Splendidly Silky Moisturising shampoo is the latest shampoo I have tried… I don’t believe in sticking to one when it comes to shampoo… Depending on the season and how my hair is I use shampoos. Sometimes in a single bath I use one shampoo for the first wash and another shampoo for second wash and then follow with conditioner. 

Although my hair is fairly normal , my scalp is extremely greasy. Till date it’s not many times I have used conditioner on the entire length of my hair… its just the tips always. Ok… after the tale of how and why and what of my hair… coming to the review…

This shampoo is a thick cream and little goes a long way… It is creamy but not greasily creamy.. unlike some shampoos like Dove which feel greasy to me. Has a beautiful fragrance.. quite fruity if I may say so… might be a little too strong for some but I liked it. The ingredient list is -

The tube says …. "The perfect pick-me-up for parched hair. Blueberry extract and sweet almond milk clean and moisturise, pro vitamin B5 adds strength, and you get gorgeous locks which are
quite gloriously glossy."

Right now I could call my hair parched in a way due to the heat of multiple blow dry sessions. So I decided to give this shampoo a go… I used the 100 ml sample tube (that came with the glamour magazine april issue.. same time when I got the clinique moisture surge... review here).

I have used it in 3 ways – 1) by itself, 2)along with another shampoo and 3) with a follow-on conditioner and I felt…

1) when I used the shampoo alone with no conditioner or any product , it was bliss…. I am not being generous with my compliments here… hands down… this shampoo is wonderful…. My straight hair felt soft, smooth, silky and perfectly moisturized. It did have a healthy shine as much I could achieve with any conditioner + hair spray. Ofcourse thanks to my greasy scalp I felt oily in 3 days… but that’s the case with any good shampoo on my hair…

2) when I used it along with another shampoo – I first used Alberto Balsam Tea tree tingle shampoo and then next wash with percy and reed. Hmm… Now we have a problem… The first
wash turned it into a usual shampoo I guess… My hair did not look anything like case 1.. infact I felt the need of a conditioner like an ordinary shampoo…  Good part is my hair did not get greasy
for 5 days but then no shiny silky hair as well.

3) This time I thought I will follow with conditioner after the 2-shampoo wash…. I used the simple kind to hair conditioner. Same problem again… my hair felt just like any ordinary shampoo…

Conclusion: All in all it’s a great shampoo that gives nice smooth silky hair. The best way is to use it by itself without any conditioner… for normal, greasy kind of hair. For dry hair maybe they could follow with conditioner of their choice. The tube says it right… ’Dry hair? Pick me up’.

Do I like it: Yes definitely. I am happy to have found a moisturising shampoo for my greasy scalp.

Will I re-purchase: Maybe… if I really want to pamper myself sometime… The price and the fact that I cannot combine it with any other product doesn’t make me say yes for this question.

Has anyone else used this shampoo ?

Update: This shampoo is not sulphate-free and silicone-free as I understand.

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