Bourjois 123 foundation: First Impressions

Hello all....

After a long time I am trying a new foundation.... After the MAC failure I have been reading reviews and doing a lot of research before I took one... but this one somehow caught my eye...

Bourjois 123 foundation.... and the 123 are the claims
1. Yellow pigments – conceals dark circles
2. Mauve pigments – corrects dullness for radiance
3. Green pigments – neutralises redness for an even out the complexion
all this is coverage for me... :)

- 24hr hydration
- SPF 10
Thats good for summer. Bad for pictures.

- Cotton Flower – hydration & anti-shine
This is what made me buy this foundation... It is anti-shine.

- non comedogenic, lets skin breathe

- lasts for up to 16hrs

Packaging is very similar to the existing Bourjois foundations. The pump fitted on the bottle is really good. It releases little amounts with small presses.

I have seen only 5 shades of this foundation in boots -
51 vanille claire
52 vanille
53 beige claire
54 Beige
56 Beige Rose

56 was dark for me, something below would have been great. I took 54 Beige. The shade was a perfect match to my hand .. it disappears on my skin after blending which means it is lighter for my face.... Generally all foundations go dark on me after applying them, while this foundation did not oxidise much. Maybe need a bronzer on top of this to darken a bit, but I dont prefer that bronzer-finish look... gotta see what to do.

The quantity what I swatched was like 3 pumps. That qunatity was almost sufficient for my face, I anyways did one more round coz I need more coverage. This is medium coverage foundation.

The foundation is like a light liquid - it was not runny but not as thick as MAC/REVLON. It was easy to apply and blend with my buffing brush.  It did not actually need a powder to set it which was good. I dint expect a liquid to give such natural finish.  

Also it dint feel heavy or oily on my skin. Infact I needed a moisturiser coz it felt a teeny weeny bit dry in some patches on my face (where I have been using my pimple treatment). I have acne-prone oily skin so dry skin people... treat yourself to a good moisturiser before applying this foundation... I haven't used it for a long day like 10 or 12 hrs so cant comment on the staying power yet.


Nice water-based foundation. Easy to blend and apply.  Demi matte finish. Hurray! Dint break me out. This is a big deal for me... coz even MAC and Estee Lauder have :(
Quite light on skin.

Light to Medium coverage which is not enough coverage for my pores/acne scars.
Shades are mostly targetting ivory skin tones. Very limited shades in UK for darker skin tones.

Conclusion: I have not been huge hit with foundations. The previous Bourjois foundation (healthy mix) made me greasy but this one's definitely better. Works for oily skin and Normal skin :) :) .... Not loving it but liking it to the extents that Maybelline dream matte is replaced with this in my routine.

This foundation is originally priced at 10.99, but on an offer in boots for 6.99 currently. The Bourjois stands in stores are already empty.. so dont go to them... just walk around the store... Boots have stacked them in different places for promotion purposes... I got mine from the billing counter... :) :) :)

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