Maybelline dream matte mousse Foundation review

A great man once said “what’s in a name?”…. that’s not true here… Maybelline dream matte mousse… everything is in the name… This post is my take on the highly rated foundation..
As you might see from my haul post (here), I liked it in the first look… the texture and the way it disappeared when I swatched it on my hand in the store. My skin is really weird… my face is darker than my body… for that matter my neck and my arms are lighter than my face. I first took ‘sand’, as I dreaded it was lighter for my face. To match, I could put up all sorts of techniques if it was a liquid foundation.. mix moisturizer, mix another foundation, use a tint.. what not… but this being a mousse foundation I dint want to risk. so I went back this time looked at all the shades carefully…
Despite the huge selection of shades in them, I failed to find a match… I ended up taking two shades… One was ‘022 NATURAL BEIGE’ and the other was ‘060 CARAMEL’ …. swatched below…

                                                              Swatch without flash

                                                           Swatch with flash

                                                              Swatch in day light

                                                Blended with the mixed shade that I wear..

(Apologies for the hairy hands… I am due for waxing)
The natural beige is my closest match but for occasions where my face gets darker and the fact that my exact shade is slightly darker than natural beige I took another dark shade… A darker + lighter shade = medium shade… that’s shown in the last pic in the box highlighted…
Okay as I really wrote an essay already in this post, lets get to point…
Pros –
1)      Packaging is real good. I cannot think of better way of presenting mousse foundation
2)      Matte finish foundation
3)      Really light. Doesnt feel like an added layer on skin like liquid foundation.

4)     Texture is as smooth as mousse - Thumbs up – does not need even a powder to finish
5)      Did not make me break out (most other foundations did)
Cons – (these are totally personal.. everybody might not feel them)
1)      Not very easy to blend (or I was not good at it.. )
2)      Light coverage, Does not cover pores
3)      My face feels oily/heavy after 6 hours  so not long-stay as such.. ofcourse the interesting part is I did not look greasy… I looked just more oxidized than morning but I felt heavy on my face..

Do I like it? Hmm.. Yes definitely… I have no major concerns. Although it doesn’t give me that ‘no-makeup’ look… the ultimate finish actually looked like a luminous veil..
On the whole I have mixed feelings about this …. I hope to continue using it.

What is your take on this foundation dears?

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