Best Drugstore Shampoo

In the picture L to R: schwarzkopf yogurt and lime shampoo, The Body Shop Rainforest Balance Shampoo, Alberto Balsam Tea Tree tingle shampoo, Simple Kind to Hair gentle shampoo, Percy and Reed moistursing shampoo, Johnsons baby shampoo
I started this blog hoping to help girls like me wandering in the drugstore not sure of what to try next…. So back to basics people…. Drugstore shampoo… there are so many out there almost within 5 pounds… I have used quite a few over the years and this is my analysis…. I chose to compare the following today:
- Schwarzkopf yogurt and lime shampoo
- Garnier Fructis Strength & Shine Shampoo
- Loreal professional liss ultime
- Pantene Lively clean Shampoo
- Dove Intensive Repair Shampoo 250ml
- Simple kind to hair shampoo

I have used some paramters to rate them and the analysis follows -
Simple > Schwarzkopf > Garnier Fructis> Pantene > Dove > Loreal
How fast did it make me greasy:
Dove> Garnier Fructis > Loreal > Pantene > Simple> schwarzkopf
Smooth and shine:
Loreal> Dove > Fructis > Pantene = Simple > schwarzkopf
Dryness control:
Dove > Loreal > Fructis > Loreal > Simple > Pantene > Schwarzkopf

Conclusion: Based on the parameters and based on the hair type, the best shampoo would be personal choice.
After that diplomatic statement (wink.. wink...) the winner as per my personal choice is ‘Simple Kind to Hair Shampoo’ … It's not very moisturizing but I have greasy scalp with normal hair… so conditioner helps me balance it. Rest all factors, its fine. In addition, gets the brownie points for being silicone-free… ofcourse is NOT sulfate free. (personally I cant imagine a shampoo without lather on my greasy head...)
I have not used sulphate –free and silicone-free as the parameters for comparison as none of them are… J 
Alberto Balsam Tea Tree tingle shampoo is similar to Schwarzkopf in this comparison… Alberto Balsam is slightly better than Schwarzkopf. I use it by mixing two drops of tea tree oil on those extremely greasy days when I feel the next stage is dandruff…
It looks kind of unfair to have brought a salon-care shampoo like Loreal liss ultime into this comparison but I just wanted a representation of Loreal, Matrix, wella shampoos… Is it worth spending 10 pounds when you can do away with 4? refer to my percy and reed shampoo detailed review here 
If you have decided to splurge on shampoo, go and get yourself ‘The Body Shop Raniforest shampoo’. It is sulphate-free, silicone-free …. I don’t call it a drugstore shampoo so it was not in the comparison…
If silicone and sulphate are so dangerous in shampoos why isn’t everybody rushing to Lush or Body shop…. Because…. Sulphates are mostly in the detergent ingredient of the shampoo which helps lather… silicones are the ingredients which are advertised as ‘shine to your hair’…  People aren’t foolish to spend money on something that’s damaging…. There must be something in the end result which is worth the damage.. ;)…
P.S. I dint explain my hair type in detail as the post is already long enough, I narrated the story of my hair here.. click

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