Review: The Body Shop Tea Tree Kit

All through my teenage I have lived with my frequent break-outs listening to the elders advice of “not doing anything to cure the pimples is the best way to handle them”… But after sometime I thought I am old enough to suppress a pimple… (illogical reasoning?!! That’s acceptable dear… J)
And the cost one pays for handling breakouts are scars… So I decided to handle the scars/blemishes… and the best known medicine to me is tea tree. I wanted to do a tea-tree routine… I did consider incorporating tea tree oil into my regular skincare but I wanted to give it a more serious try and got the body shop tea tree kit..
The kit contains:
Tea Tree Facial Wash 250 ml
Tea Tree Toner 250 ml
Tea Tree Skin Clearing Lotion 50 ml
Facial Brush With Lid
This is not the regular starter kit with 50 ml bottles… this was the full size … I don’t think they do it regularly… It was in the gifts section in February…  and I gifted myself … J
The thing with skin care products is the negative affect (like allergic reaction) will be seen in 1 use while the positive affect will need some time to show. I give 3 weeks for any skin product to work.  I used the body shop tea tree kit regularly like a medicine course for over a month now… it smells like some kind of medicine to me afterall…  and it shows… I really have clearer looking skin now…
I really wish I could do a before and after picture here. But when I was just about to enjoy the benefits of clear skin I messed it up… Do you remember the dermalogica package ? (click here to see). I started off with a Daily Microfoliant sample on Friday… Don’t know which ingredient of the formulation I am allergic to but it bombed… big time… I have skin irritation and rashes all over my face… Cant tell you my grief in words… 1 month of tea tree effort destroyed… L L L … Now I am doing the at home remedies: oat meal masks and aloe vera gel.

Anyways coming to back to tea tree range…
Tea Tree Facial Wash: This was a green gel like liquid… slightly foamy watery gel … Good is: Face felt fresh and deeply cleansed after wash; not really stripped of oils… Bad is: Smells difficult… I reminded myself it’s a course and I have to complete it each time I used it… Have to be extra careful to not go near the eyes with this one.. (yes! Got the experienceJ)… This could be used as a regular face wash and followed with a good moisturizer.

Tea Tree Toner:  I am not a fan of face toners. The two toners I have used the most are: Astringent when my skin feels oily or regular, Rose water if it feels little dry (very very rare).  Has the tea tree flavor as expected. It is similar to the Lush tea tree water… a little more powerful.
Good is: The Body shop tea tree toner is kind of astringent… this does not sting as much though. I will continue to use this even after I am done with the kit as I need a staple toner now and this fits the bill best.
Bad is: the packaging is inconvenient. Its high time they had spray pumps like Lush. I bought one from superdrug and fixed it… J nice na…

Tea Tree Skin Clearing Lotion: This one is the actual treatment gel you could say. Simple white gel. Not as medicinal  as I dreaded it would be. Good is: It is easy to apply and quickly absorbed. I did not see any bad.. but people using night creams might be able to comment on how it performs along with a night cream. I did not use the tea tree skin clearing lotion every night but I switched between moisturizer and this.
Facial Brush With Lid: I have been wondering about the right facial tool for my face… (Click to see the post). I gave the body shop brush a go. Cute lid… I thought the handle not being long would give me better control on the pressure applied on my face. The first day I tried it I felt inconvenient and burning sensation on my skin… I thought I need to get used to it yet… second day was same… third day I tried it with the tried-and-tested simple cleansing lotion… still the same affect… that’s it… I stopped using it… The ends of the bristles are too harsh… forget the exfoliation, it hurts!
Conclusion: Overall I wouldn’t call it a magic but The Body Shop Tea tree range works…  skip the brush..
BTW Now I am using the bodyshop butter duo in sweet pea …. What do you think is the best body shop butter for summer? And Has anyone else tried their tea tree range? Tell me in your comments below.

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