No.7 BB cream review

FInally I made my foray into BB creams with No.7 ... Details in this post....  I know it looks like I woke up after the whole world about BB creams… Truth is I am not really blessed with great skin so I am extra careful while experimenting… My order of experimentation would be…
Lipstick > eyeshadow > blush/bronzer > face wash > face mask > moisturizer > foundation
So my enthusiasm to experiment with something like a BB cream which is between moisturizer and foundation is really minimal on this scale….
But given the weather ahead I cannot do my entire foundation routine… so had to buy a BB cream..

The no.7 BB cream started off with lot of positives – classified according to skin types, shades in it. I would actually be a Oily/Combination so took the Normal/Oily one in medium. Swatches below –

                                                                                         Before blending

                                                                                      blending in progress...

                                                                  After blending completely
I have used it 3 times now and I am ready with a review…  because as you might guessed it by now it dint work for me… L In the swatches I have taken a lot to show you the consistency but in reality I have applied a very thin layer…
The cover says ‘ 1 simple step provides a flawless healthy complexion for a beautifully bare make-up look’… Although the cream is not exactly very thick, it is fairly pigmented… so it gave lot of coverage.. almost like a foundation… hence it looked like I was wearing a foundation… definitely not “bare make-up”… L
Looks like ,as sugested on product, it is truly meant for Normal skinned people with oily tendencies… so thanks to my oil control lotion I dint have to blot but it did look very heavy and I felt greasy underneath…
Pros -
1)      Claims designed for skin types – Normal/Oily, Normal/Dry, Dry/Very Dry
2)      there were 2 shades – light, medium available to choose from
3)      It has SPF 15
4)      Could substitute a light-to-medium coverage if it works for your skin

Cons –
1)      Not meant for oily skin at all
2)      Too heavy (for me, maybe)
3)      The shade does not work for all
4)      Looked cakey after sometime
5)      Made my skin break-out

As the cream has a color it does not adapt to your skin as such… so have to work carefully with the color.. in contrast to the idea of a quick application of a BB cream… If I have to hold a brush I would rather do my foundation…

And the tragic ending of having to clean-up the mess (pimples and white heads) makes it a straight NO from me for re-use.. forget purchase… So let us oily skinned beauties stay away from this BB cream….

Yet another time... I repeat... when a product fails to impress on me the search continues...

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