Review: Soap & Glory Kick Ass Concealer

I think this is a long pending post in my 'Next Posts' page.... Generally with cosmetics I take few uses to arrive at my decision/review. For Soap and Glory kick ass concealer I took a little more time to write the review as I was very hopeful and really wanted this concealer to work out… There are reviews across the net comparing it to Benefit bouying concealer, Laura mercier dual concealer… So I tried and tried and tried.. multiple times with different bases –before  foundation, after foundation, after entire makeup and in different methods – brush, finger, sponge … But in vain!!
It is a 3-step concealer.. step 1 – a kind-of corrective concealer, step 2 - the concealer, step 3 - corrective powder. The pot itself is 2-tiered..

Soap & Glory Kick Ass Concealer in Medium. Swatches are here……..

The product is very creamy to the extents of being greasy... The step 1 part is a mild yellow toned concealer and step 2 is a pink toned concealer... if it works this could be your SALMON concealer (famous by eve pearl). The idea of concealer is to blend these two shades to acheive the right mix to match your skintone.... The pic shows the shades individually and blended. I found the blended shade is available directly in other brands. So no magic there.
The application is not tricky..... I tried the application in 3 methods -
Method 1: The first time I tried it with a brush. The concealer settled in the fine lines in my crease in some time. Also the coverage was very poor… It felt like a cheap n miserable concealer  L
Method2: So next time I dabbed it with my fingers building up in layers… then it showed up so badly under my eyes in grey shades exactly the way many MUA tell in their bad-concealer-tutorials. Instantly you might have thought I need to use a corrective concealer first… oh my… the ‘step 1’ of the inconvenient 3-step pot was supposed to be that…
Method3: Then finally tried it with a wet sponge, coverage was poor than method2.… only good thing is dint get my fingers dirty…
The concealer did crease and appeared cakey when attempted for heavy coverage. It might work out if - you have dry skin, conceal something slighly darker than your skintone but defnitely not for full fledged dark circles like mine.

The two interesting things about this concealer are : 1) the name 2) the setting powder and the small powder puff is useful; could be used with other concealers.

Conclusion: Not enough coverage, Not opaque, only 2 shades, Bad packaging, pricey for a drugstore concealer… 

Did anyone of you use this concealer? Any suggestions/comments...

It comes in two shades – light, medium … which is a great minus I think coz I am really unsure of how many of us will be able to match it to their skin tone… Anyways I went ahead and took the medium shade…
The packaging is super inconvenient… open the pot, lift the powder pan and stick it into the lid… so that you can see the actual concealer… and complete the first two steps… then you realize the supposedly step 3- powder is stuck in the lid – neat and tight… so close the pot and open it again with concealer on your fingers… ofcourse two other options I can think of are: hire an assistant to do this for you or cheaper option is skip the powder step… (somebody is really irritated… J )

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