Lush Fresh Face Mask and Clipper Tea workshop

All of us love lush products for many reasons…. They are natural… they smell divine… the service is good…The SA are helpful and explain things well... at the very least their products never backfire (or I have never heard of one)… J J J
Being the Lush-y I am how could I miss the opportunity of a workshop… grabbed my clipper green tea bag and got the pink tag. I have attended the Clipper workshop in mid-April at Oxford. The staff is super enthued and uber comforting. My workshop was with this gentleman James… He was really very helpful… The workshop is to prepare the catastrophe cosmetic fresh face mask by ourselves…  
My catastrophe mask looks different in color than the usual one.... Are you wondering why? When we started the workshop, he has discussed about my skin type and allergies… and I was allergic to citrus, so he has actually had me skip the ‘lemony’ component in my mask... and I ended up with a personalized catastrophe cosmetic face mask….  <3
Lush had me have an entire facial treatment as well… First my skin was cleansed with “Ultrabland”   - A gentle cleansing cream for all skin types made with the white part of the almonds. It was ofcourse gentle but really greasy….  I have oily skin already, this was cleaned with cotton pads spritzed with “Breath of fresh air” toner (which I anyways love already)
Then used the “full of grace”  serum bar on me. This one’s very interesting... its main ingredient is murumuru butter and can be used to: "moisturise your skin daily, to give yourself a facial massage and is perfect as a night cream. Also great for use before face masks" as quoted on lush website... Then followed with my catastrophe mask… J Finally after washing the mask, finished with application of “vanishing cream” - proven moisturizer for oily skin.

Catastrophe cosmetic face mask is supposedly wonderful…. I wouldn’t disagree, it does what its meant to do… I actually used it after a catastrophe - my skin developed reddish irritation and bumps after using microfoliant.. and this mask has actually calmed the redness and made it look better as an immediate effect. So I am super impressed with this mask… and will use it more..
I have also used their “Cosmetic Warrior” fresh face mask previously. This is the go-to mask for oily skin of any age… I can bet on that… It doesn’t rip-off the oils as you might think… infact “Dark Angels” cleanser kind of leaves that feeling. But this mask is really deep cleansing and nurturing. It does not irritate even when you are having the worst breakouts…. So if you are having the problematic spot prone oily skin… go for it. People find it difficult to put-up with the smell… I had no particular objection though as I am quite used to tea tree smell…  And my mantra for such instances is remind yourself of the end result… or think of those Hollywood stars having pigeon poo on their faces .. LOL… aren’t we in a far better situation? J J J
Ok why am I writing this post now? Because I just realized the biggest negative with these lush masks…. Their expiry in 3 weeks… I had to throw away my catastrophe mask as it was prepared in mid april and its almost a month… L… I hate wastage.
 Can we do something about it? How do you guys manage your lush face masks from disposing without using? Please do let me know...
** pictures in this post from lush website as my mask is already disposed :(:(:(

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