GlossyBox May 2012 *** SPOILER ALERT ****

I have just finished my April Glossy box products and was wondering about May glossy box supposedly special being their first anniversary box.... and I got it... May 2012 Glossybox UK ... so here you go....

The packaging is like the usual one with ANNIVERSARY BOX stamped on the ribbon wrapped around and these were the products inside....

L to R: NOBLE ISLE shower gel, LOLITA LEMPICKA perfume samples, APIVITA Express Beauty Masks, OSMO Berber Oil Hair Treatment, ELDORA Flase Eyelashes

Now a more close look at each of them -

NOBLE ISLE Summer Rising Bath & shower gel: The description states that their brand is inspired by natural & cultural riches of British isles... Indeed the fragrance of this one is rich floral scent... first impression: Gooooood!

UPDATE: tried this shower gel.. definitely good althought nothing extra-ordinary.

 LOLITA LEMPICKA perfume samples: Out of the two perfume samples, the fragrance "Si Lolita" was stronger but still pleasant as it settled and the other perfume was their EDP which was powdery and mild.. I liked the second one more.

UPDATE: The sniffing was all that I could get from these... I dint realise at first, they have very little perfume in them. :(

 APIVITA Express Beauty Masks: These express beauty masks are moisturizing and nourishing masks with HONEY. The description also mentions they are infused with green tea and have anti oxdidant properties. Curious to try this one.

UPDATE: The curious lady tried it and love love love them... they are really nourishing and moisturising and not not greasy at all... Anybody who received these masks go on and tried it... they are wonderful!!

OSMO Berber Oil hair treatment: Basically I have greasy hair and I get a hair oil... but then this one claims to give transformational results for any hair type. Lets see.

Eldora false eyelashes: They are beautiful handmade lashes. Out of the various styles they have, this one looks more of full-on party type....

Now comes the birthday gifts -
A pink ballon saying "Happy Brithday Glossy Box" and a travel compact mirror with glossybox emblem on it as seen in the pic :) :) :)... I am just being too ridiculous... actually everything in the box is a gift for us :)


Dana said...

Ooo I got the same apart from a neals yard moisturiser and a brown gel eyeliner, its my first box so pretty pleased. Do you know if you ever get some of the stuff other people have had in their beauty boxes?, I like the look of your argan oil as I have dry hair.

These violent delights said...

lovely post! The products looks awesome. :) you have a great blog btw!

would you like to follow each other?

xo Jess

Divi said...

Hi Dana... I would have been happier to receive a gel liner than the argan oil :)... Most of the stuff in beauty boxes are same in multiple boxes... they are not exactly personalised.. :)

Pretty Affair said...

i'm very tempted to sign up for the Glossy Box... :) might try it :)i'm your newest follower x

Divi said...

Hi Pretty... Thanks for your comment... yeah if you dont have any subscriptions then it is worth having one... :)

Alex said...

Cant wait for mine. Also excited about next months. :)

Demi Mist said...

You got nice things! I have Lolita Lempicka perfume, it's good.
I am one of your followers, I hope you could follow my blog too.

rae said...

there were such nice products in this month's glossybox! thank you so much for sharing :)

xx rae

pop by and follow if you would like to, darling <3

Demi Mist said...

I have an award for you on my blog.

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