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 Hello everybody… It was my birthday last week…. And out of the several gifts I got some body shop goodies… this is one I am most excited about - The Body Shop Love Etc.. perfume, body lotion and body wash.

I am not particularly good at liking/describing perfumes.... I have the funniest taste I could say. I dont like citrusy flavors in general but I like Clinqiue Happy... I dont like strong smells but I have worn Sarah Jessica Parker's Lovely...yes its strong...  people will know you just passed by... :)

Right now I have Ralph Lauren Romance, TRUSSARDI Bianco...the age old fragrances. yeah.. with fragrances I don’t believe in catching up with trends and leaving something I like behind... I would always add the new one to my collection :) So the latest edition is this.

Love Etc is fruity, flowery and sweet - all of it for me. Previously whenever I sniffed it in the store I felt it was too strong... But somehow last time I passed some time in the store picking up other things and realised I actually liked the smell of Love etc after it settled.
I believe in this theory a lot... that you should give time for a perfume to settle even if its on your clothes.... your pre-built body odor has an impact... (yeah pre-built… in-built… whatever...:P).. Despite the new summer fragrances in store I ended up liking this and hope to use it

BTW I got another faboulous gift... my blog crossed 1000 views last week.. so a big thank you to all of you... :) Keep it coming...

Do you people have any suggestions/comments about the Body shop perfumes? Did you use them?

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