Green Glitter EOTD

I was hesitant to do 'look-of-the-day' posts all the while as I dont have the beautiful eyes... but I have given up worrying now as I want to atleast share my attempts with you people and may be it will be helpful to some of you who want to try the look..... In the end it will atleast be better than face charts.. isnt it?

So today my look is with green glitter... I wanted to do a shimmery gold base with glittery green eye liner for the eyes and juicy red lips.... letting you know target so you can judge it yourself if I reached there.. :D :D

I realize it is very difficult to capture in the pictures but the left bottom one kinda shows the gold and green on my eye... Being a daytime look, I did not want to use the gold eyeshadow. I have used these in the pic below:

Top to Bottom: 
MIRROR MIRROR LASH BOOST MASCARA ( this was free with this month's Shout magazine)
Collection 2000 Glam Crystals eye liner in 12 SPANDEX
Sleek eau la la liner in Noir
Maybelline dream mousse eye color in 02 Blissful Beige
Miss sporty Oh TAN So Fine Bronzer in Sun Kissed

and for the lips...

Natural Collection lip liner in plum
Sally hansen Ultra Soothing Lip Tint


1) Apply maybelline mousse eye color as shimmery base. I did not use primer as I already have concealer on my lids.
2) Apply the gold shade of miss sporty bronzer all over the lid
3) Apply the bronze shade of miss sporty bronzer in the crease, blending it towards the brow bone.
4) As I have hooded eyes I did not use a separate highlighter, the maybelline mousse eye  color is all I have in my highlight area
5) Use the sleek eyeliner in black on waterline and upper lash line
6) Just above the black line almost overlapping it, draw the glitter line with collection 2000 glam cystals liner. I did not go thicker as then it would cover the entire visible lid area.
7) finish with applying the bronze shade of the bronzer on the lower lash line

and yeah BTW I  wore it with this dress....

Hope you liked it... Let me know what you feel in the comments....

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