Cosmopolitan Blend perfection

I have always disliked using sponge wedges due to the absorption of the product by the sponge… and after use, washing is really not an option… sponges were always use-and-throw…  But the beauty blender gave a new definition…. And their usage by MUAs as famous Mario to youtube gurus… I thought I should give my fair try… and its been on my wishlist since then…
Given my liking for sponges spending 15 pounds on a sponge dint feel pleasant…  The thought of as expensive as Urban Decay Primer Potion but unsure of the utility irked me…  Also I usually use a brush to apply my foundation and then buff it thoroughly…
Anyways I am managed to try cosmopolitan blend perfection sponge as a first hand experience… before the original beauty blender. I saw it hanging in the superdrug stores numerous times but when I decided to buy it superdrug stopped stocking it… (atleast that’s what the SA told me)..  finally got it from amazon.

When I first touched it I was astonished to see that it feels harder… atleast than the usual sponge wedge. I put it under running water and it expanded due to the suction of water and softened… The pic does is not an absolute representation but should give a rough idea of how it changes....
I have used it with liquid foundation –REVLON photo ready foundation in 008 Golden beige. I get quite a bit greasy with this foundation even after setting powder so wanted to try if the blending will make a difference. The wet sponge application definitely sets the foundation well, dint really impact the greasiness part of it. People with dry skin who cannot use buffing brush for foundation due to the micro exfoliation effect should try using this sponge instead.
Cosmopolitan Blend Perfection sponge did not really suck the product (foundation)... maybe because I dint use it for application of the product, I used it just for blending in dab-dab-dab motion after putting foundation with fingers. My complaint with sponges continues… washing is a pain. I spent almost 10 minutes in bathroom washing it with my brush cleaning liquid followed by baby shampoo. Infact I did it immediately after my makeup; I was scared if I left it for the night the little product on it would dry out and this sponge also would become throw-able….
I will not call this post a full review as I still see the scope of using it extensively with powders, creams etc. My overall conclusion is: Yes it’s a great blending tool.. no doubt. Maybe it works miracles with cream foundation. For now Iam happy with my buffing brush technique and don’t see myself using the beauty blender especially on a daily basis.

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