Collection 2000 gems....gel eyeliner, powder, cream puff

Collection 2000 has always been one of the best brands from the drugstore... So I picked up few of their products... Collection 2000 lasting colour gel eyeliner being their latest product...

In the pic: Collection 2000 lasting colour gel eyeliner in brown, Collection 2000 shine away compact powder in deep, Collection 2000 cream puff lip cream in Angel Delight

The first product I talk about is Collection 2000 cream puff in Angel Delight. Although Collection 2000 cream puffs have been around for quite some time I never bought one. It comes in only 4 shades - Fairy Cake, Cotton Candy, Powder Puff, Angel Delight and costs a super price of £2.99.

Next up is the collection 2000 shine away compact powder in deep. The compact powder comes in 3 shades - Light, Medium, Deep and is priced at  £4.19. Most drustore compact powders are in lighter shades... have tried from RIMMEL to Maybelline. Ofcourse Revlon makes compact powders in dark shades glad to see that Collection 2000 also has a dark shade. Pic showing the cute packaging, the shade on the backside of the pot, the powder....

Saving the best for the last, Collection 2000 lasting colour gel eye liner in brown - their newest product. It comes in 4 colours - Black, Brown, Gold and Teal and retails at £4.99. As I am already in love with my Maybelline gel liner in black, I took this one in brown. The packaging looks very similar to the sleek ink pot. It comes with a small applicator brush.  

The liner is creamy, easy to apply, dries off quickly and being from Collection 2000 it keeps up its promise of lasting color... a closeup at the swatch..

Other products that are super hit with me - Collection 2000 lasting perfection concealer, Collection 2000 Fast Stroke liquid eyeliner, Collection 2000 Extreme Felt Tip Liner.

What do you think of the collection 2000 lasting colour gel eyeliner?

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