Glossybox April 2012

Last time I have been very prompt in being a cry baby that my March 2012 glossybox was a disaster…. Glossybox April 2012 was definitely one of the good glossyboxes…. So I wanted to use each of them and tell my verdict….

Figs and Rouge balm in Peppermint & Teatree: This is a 100% organic balm that can be used on lips, face & body. I tried it on lips. The balm feels and looks grainy like a mild scrub for the first impressions…  so was expecting a little exfoliation but dint happen so. The balm melts to become a salve the moment it touches the lips and then it’s just another balm. I am a fan of the cooling effect of mint/tea tree, so defo love the flavor of this one. This one did not really repair my dry lips but is more of an instant gratification.

MONU Spa Enriched Body Cream: I really did not know what to expect from this. It was strong smelling… citrusy (which I couldn’t stand), very thick and sufficiently moisturizing. I am not sure if I would want to carry it in my bag (that’s been my plan) given the overpowering fragrance. The packaging was bad given that the cream is very thick they should have chosen a pot and not a bottle… In this sample size almost 1/3 of the cream is still in there… as you see in the pic the cream refuses to come out of the bottle…. "I am a cream in the bottle baby… gotta press me in the right way, honey..."

INIKA Organic eyeliner: I got a beautiful emerald green liner in this one. It is not glittery but shimmery/metallic… so perfect for traditional do’s as well as party nights. This is one product I am really happy with.. being organic somehow makes the whole feel better especially while putting on water line…

PHILIP B Drop Dead Straightening Baume: I have straight hair naturally…. So my use of hair products is to keep hair pin straight and for longer time… With greasy hair it does not matter which hair product I use I will have to wash it next. This product did not give me pin-straight hair per se but definitely straighter and smoother hair, maybe girls with coarse hair will see better benefits. It did not do any different than most hair gels coming to hold. BUT the biggest difference between this and other hair products is: it is silicone free and paraben-free.  It is a silicone-y looking silicon-free gel…. so thumbs up!

CAUDALIE VINOSOURCE SOS Thirst Quenching Serum: Honestly I am not big on serums and I don’t have that thirsty skin to judge a serum like this…. Caudalie as a brand is well talked-about so I thought I might as well give it a try. It is quick absorbed and doesn’t feel sticky…. Like for instance Loreal youth code did feel sticky on me. My usage is too little to judge its affect.. I better wait for the winters to test this one. There is too little in the tube to waste in experimentation although the tube looks big enough.

Ah I love beauty boxes and the whole idea of sample sizes. I kind of get bored with those 400 ml sizes that never seem to get over… when I host a giveaway I think it will be a beauty box kind of thing…. What say? How do you people like beauty boxes?


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Hey Anonymous... Thanks for your comment... Interesting observation indeed... my blog has not many comments. Hmm... Do you think I can do something about it?

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